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A collectively maintained directory of EA-relevant linklists and links. If you have remarks or would like to help maintain this, please message
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General EA
: A list of people looking for Ops/PA work
. Curated resources on how to start and run successful EA groups.
: Prize Competitions for Effective Altruists
: Find thesis topics and mentors
. Contact if you want support hosting a workplace campaign.
. Monetary rewards for mid-sized tasks for people in the rationality community.
- a list of anti-squatted domains EA can use for setting up new homepages
Co-working/co-living/digital nomads
spreadsheet: A list of EAs who offer free housing to other EAs
Wytham Abbey (?)
Oxford, UK
Trajan House
Berlin, Germany
Self-organized co-working - mail for more info.
Workation destinations
, researched for the CanAIries Winter Getaway 2022
AI Safety
: A list of AI safety-related communities
. AI Safety hackathons
Research ideas
Career opportunities
Job opportunities
Volunteering opportunities
Career advice
. For people with 5+ years of professional experience.
Animal welfare
Suffering-focused ethics
AI safety
Reading groups and courses
General EA
AI safety
Animal advocacy
. Courses on decision making
. Applied rationality workshops.
. Various programs.
Funding sources
- a long list of longtermist-adjacent grantmakers in and outside EA.
(state Dec 2022: inactive)
. A list of funding opportunities maintained by .
Legal support
Visa issues: ?
Social Entrepreneurship support:
Pro bono legal support for charities: . Contact only over Jack Lewars ()
- Monetary rewards for mid-sized tasks for people in the rationality community.
Lists of rationality tools
- a list of rationality and forecasting tools
CFAR handbook
- a list of repositories with advice on all kinds of topics
Discussion prompts
Conversation starter games
Cards for Humanity (good for first contact)
We’re not really strangers (most versatile for conversation starters)
The Game (Also includes activities)
Askhole (free app available) (dangerous, contains some intentionally controversial prompts)

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