PAS 2035 Assessment for 3 Piping Road PAS0018

Introduction and index

This report forms the assessment part of PAS 2035 it will be revised in line with our conversation about the proposed options for your property and can then be used as an ongoing record of the project for the use of all those involved in the project. The report includes the following sections:

Retrofit assessment
Intended outcomes of the assessment
Risks from the retrofit
Assessment of your house currently
Includes significance and ventilation
Retrofit plans
Includes proposed plan, evaluation, carbon cost effectiveness, compatibility and heating demand.
Biodiversity improvement options
Retrofit design - empty at this stage
Claim of compliance - empty at this stage
Handover documents - empty at this stage
Monitoring and evaluation - empty at this stage

Apart from your problems with the conservatory which you are dealing with your house is in pretty good condition and is modeled as having below average carbon emissions for the UK. There are a few issues with loft insulation which could do with tidying up and improving but the only major gain is the underfloor insulation. I have, as is usual with insulation measures recommended upgrading your ventilation, a system which runs continuously at a low volume so it doesn’t disturb you is ideal.

As we discussed on site your living room window appears to be fitted poorly, this sort of problem is difficult to model with any accuracy but getting this adjusted and any gaps around the window would be a great help to reduce carbon and energy use.

After this you could add solar PV to the roof and maybe a ground or air source heat pump if you can get it funded by the Renewable Heat Incentive.

You will find full details, analysis and suggestions across the rest of the report.

Appendix (assessment documents)
Documents in the appendix constitute the more technical side of PAS 2035 and encompass a full assessment of the home and include the documentation that will be uploaded to Trustmark when the project is lodged. These are stored as a ZIP file as they are in a variety of formats.

PAS Assessment Report_42045983_V1
PAS PIO Report_42045983_V1
RdSAP Site Note_42045941_V1
Path B assessment requirements
All measures assessed


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