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Everything you need to know to make your HeadRace search a success.

How does the candidate review process work?

HeadRace is focused on delivering a robust pipeline of qualified and interested candidates. To that end, we are focused on maximizing your experience at the intersection of both volume and quality.
To do this, we have productized a meticulous candidate review process that involves action from the HeadRace team and from you. Here’s how it works:
Recruiters submit candidates to the role. Recruiters confirm the candidates meet the role requirements specified in the dossier.
Candidates confirms they are interested in the role after receiving an email from HeadRace with a slightly modified version of the role dossier. They are required to confirm their interest in the role to be considered for submission.
HeadRace manually reviews all recruiter candidate submissions. We review the LinkedIn profile, resume, and written justification for the candidate. We use ChatGPT to assess whether or not the candidate meets the role requirements, consistent with what the recruiter stated.
HeadRace approves or passes the candidate based on their relative fit for the role.
If approved, candidate is submitted to the employer for their review
If passed, recruiter receives an email notifying them that their candidate has been removed from consideration for the role
Once approved, employer is notified via email and Slack that they have a new candidate to review. The employer can click the link in the email/Slack notification to be taken directly to the candidate review page inside HeadRace
Employer accepts or passed on the candidate.
Once accepted or passed on, the recruiter is notified via email of the state change
Once accepted, the candidate is introduced directly to the employer over email, with a direct call-to-action to schedule a first-round interview with the employer. The candidate now enters the “In-Process” state inside the HeadRace app.
Note: the recruiter is NOT copied on the intro email between candidate+employer
Candidate is then managed by the employer/hiring manager throughout the interview process.

What do I do once a candidate has been submitted to me?

Once a candidate reaches the “submitted” state within the HeadRace app, you can now review the candidate and ultimately “accept” or “pass” the candidate. Here’s how it works:
Click the link in the notification email/Slack message or login directly to
Click on Roles in the left-hand side
Click on the role you are hiring for
Scroll down and you will see a candidate kanban board, the candidates that are awaiting your review are in the Submitted column
Click into a candidate to review information about the candidate, including the justification, LinkedIn profile, and resume
Once you’ve made a decision, you can “accept” or “pass” the candidate
Accepting a candidate introduces you to the candidate via email. The candidate then automatically moves to the In-Process column in the candidate kanban board
Passing on a candidate sends an email notification to the recruiter letting them know their candidate will not be considered for the position. The candidate does not receive the email notification thry were passed on

“Accepting” and “passing” candidates

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what happens when you “accept” or “pass” a candidate
Accept → accept the candidate for a first round interview
Immediately triggers our system to send an automatic email introducing the hiring manager to the candidate. Note: the recruiter is not copied on this email
Automatically notifies the recruiter that their candidate has been accepted for a first round interview
Automatically moves the candidate to the In-Process column in the candidate kanban board
Pass → remove the candidate from the interview process
Automatically notifies the recruiter that their candidate has been removed from consideration for the position. Note: the candidate is not copied on this email
Automatically moves the candidate to the Passed column in the candidate kanban board

Your “Time to Review” score

Understanding what Time to Review is

The Employer Time to Review is a metric that measures the responsiveness of employers using HeadRace. It serves as an important measurement of an employer’s engagement and ultimately helps recruiters determine which employers they want to work with.
The metric is calculated by averaging the time it takes for an employer to “review” candidate submissions. Reviewing a candidate submission is simply the act of accepting or passing on a candidate — taking any action on a candidate is considered a “review” action.
The Employer Time to Review calculation is as follows:
Here’s an example with some numbers:
Date Submitted
Date Reviewed
Time to Review
Candidate 1
2 days
Candidate 2
1 day
Candidate 3
1 day
There are no rows in this table
1 day 8 hrs
By averaging the Time to Review column, you get the Employer Time to Review score: 1 day 8 hours (or 1.33 days). Note that both actions: accepting + pass constitutes a review action - so even if you aren’t thrilled with the candidates in your Submitted state, it is still important to pass those that are not good fits.

How to improve your Time to Review score

While we strongly encourage all employers on the platform to strive for an Employer Time to Review score of <2 days, we understand that special circumstances can arise which may delay the time to review certain candidates. To counter the impact of these delays, we recommend the following solutions:
Invite other team members to review candidates. Everyone at the employer’s company is able to review (accept/pass) candidates - not just the hiring manager for the role
If you plan on being unable to review candidates for an extended period of time, pause your search while you are away and resume it when you are back
Review candidates at a predetermined time once per day. This will allow you to keep on top of candidate submissions and keep your Employer Time to Review score at ~1 day (which is very competitive and attractive to recruiters!)

Understanding candidate expirations

In the spirit of respecting the time of recruiters using HeadRace, as well as their candidates, HeadRace automatically “expires” candidates that have been left un-reviewed 7 days after submission. Candidates that have “expired” will no longer be visible to employers and employers will not have the opportunity to interview these candidates.
Recruiters who frequently are notified of their candidates expiring are likely to withdraw from the search, so we ask that all employers review candidates in a timely manner to maximize recruiter engagement.

What happens if a candidate is not actioned on within 7 days?

If a candidate has not been actioned within 7 days of submission, they will automatically be passed on and their application will expire. This policy ensures timely action is taken on all applications out of respect for recruiters and candidates.

What impact does a high expiration rate have?

Recruiters who frequently are notified of their candidates expiring are likely to withdraw from the search, as it might give them an impression of a lack of attentiveness on the hiring team's part. We ask that all employers review candidates in a timely manner to maximize recruiter engagement.

Where can I see candidates that are about to expire soon?

You can view the candidates who are about to expire on your dashboard. This feature helps to manage applications proactively and ensure prompt action.

How can I filter candidates that are expiring soon across all roles?

You can filter your candidates who are expiring soon across all roles by accessing your candidate inbox on the employer dashboard. Just select the "expiring soon" filter at the top of the inbox to see these candidates.

What happens to the candidates once they expire?

Once a candidate's application expires, you will no longer be able to view their information as they will be automatically removed from your list of candidates and the recruiter will be notified the candidate has expired. It is therefore important to take prompt action on applications.

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