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Team: @product

Problem Alignment

The Problem

Manual intervention in the Rev-Ops workflow leading to inefficiency and non-productivity.

High-level Approach

We are planning to introduce automated workflow for
Campaign operations
Streamline marketing campaign operations by automating the campaign launch process from the initial request to execution and reporting.
Lead management
Increase speed-to-lead by automating lead ingestion, cleansing, enrichment, scoring, routing, and actionable SDR alerts.
Sales pipeline management
Drive accurate forecasting by prompting reps for key opportunity information throughout the opportunity lifecycle. Finalize deals faster by automating your deal desk.
Scaled customer growth and retention
Reduce churn risk and increase expansion by combining product, support, and go-to-market data to create a Customer360 view, then alert account teams about key customer hurdles and milestones.

Goals & Success

Succes metrics
Success delivery rates for each automated workflow
Adoption metrics
Number of automated workflow created per week

Solution Alignment

Key Features

Data integration across multiple platforms like salesforce to google sheets to drive to slack, wiithout hampering the ongoing process.

Key Flows


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Open Issues & Key Decisions

API calls and possible latency issues
Maintenance of data security guidelines

Launch Readiness

Key Milestones

Following are the key milestones which we are planning.
Tue, Nov 14
Dogfood 🐶
Internal employees only
Testing internally
Tue, Dec 12
Beta 👥
Early cohort of 100 customers
Getting user feedback
Tue, Dec 26
Launch! 🚀
Gradual ramp over the day to 100% of all users
It's the big day!
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Launch Checklist

Make sure you answer all of the questions below and involve necessary stakeholders.
Instructions if "Yes” (or unsure)
Will new learning material be needed (or updates to existing documentation)? Help Center articles? Images/GIFs? YouTube videos? Plugin documentation?
Talk to the Product Education team.
Will this feature require new support processes, like saved replies, new tags to track feature changes, or training the support team on new products/changes?
Talk to the Support team.
Growth & Data
Have you implemented sufficient tracking in order to measure success, risks and impact on user behavior for the new feature?
Involve your data counterpart to make sure feature is well instrumented.
Could this impact Growth numbers? (E.g., impact to NUX, UI changes to CTAs.)
Let the Growth team know. Consider running this as an A/B if you haven’t already.
Are we turning this feature on for everyone immediately (versus a gradual rollout)
Defend in this section why you’re opting for an instant ramp to 100%.
Are we running a Beta for this?
Talk to the PMM team.
Do we need an onboarding experience?
Talk to the PMM team.
Will this be available only in certain tiers (Pro or Org)?
Make sure the Enterprise team is in the loop and have good reasoning for your packaging decisions. In addition, if this is to be included in sales enablement material, talk to your PMM.
Is this a new action that should be included in the Activity Logs?
Talk to the Enterprise team.
Are you introducing new functionality that we’d want to add to our Web or Plugin APIs?
The general expectation is that the feature team builds these capabilities into these APIs. Talk to the Platform team if you have questions.
Could this break any existing integrations (e.g., with Zeplin, JIRA)?
Talk to the Platform team.
Will this introduce new work on mobile or mobile web?
Talk to the Prototyping team.
Security & Privacy
Are you introducing new data models, or exposing new API end points? Or are you changing anything to do with Authentication, Sign in, or Sign up? Is data flowing to a new vendor or outside of Figma prod ?
Talk with the Security team.
Are we collecting any data that we did not already, or are we using any data in a manner that we did not already use it in?
Talk with the Legal team.

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