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intro (hi)

hi, i’m aki.
i’m an ex-research/ia intern of (previously known as ‘s CN division), and have helped operate a in the past.
i’ve also translated some cool stuff for on-chain (🇯🇵🇺🇸🇨🇳).
currently working on reviving & helping run startups for rich guys
this site will serve as a personal journal for pretty much anything fun and interesting that i find
specifically, this notebook will be for findings, blogs, news, reads, and resources in different forms
misc- design/engineering/tech-related stuff in general
or maybe nothing i’ll probably just forget to update rofl
am a major kpop fan btw
cya around
Twitter: @akiaeki
- aki
dec 06, 2023

recent p/l

2024/1/17 +0.3

CN (Aki#49708) + CN League M (akidesu) + NA League (matsuvt)

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