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7-Day Freelance Course 馃憢
7-Day Email Course

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Day 7

Your Roadmap to 10 Lac/mo.

Well, it鈥檚 Day 7, our final email with the 30-day plan to grow your freelance business.

We鈥檝e covered a lot so far.

In our previous emails we discussed:

Generating leads, nurturing them, and turning them into clients
Leveraging different marketing channels to target your clients
Building a Portfolio focused on client-conversions
Onboarding your first recurring client
Client retention

Since our previous emails have included advice and actionable items, It鈥檚 time to get down to business and show you a 30-day plan to grow your business.

Day 0 to 30

Week 1:

Goals: Build a high-Converting portfolio


Begin by curating your best projects for your portfolio
Add your services and description to your portfolio
Add a prepaid gig section to your portfolio
Integrate your portfolio with calendar booking
Add a lead generation form under each service

Note: Points 2 to 5 can be achieved using Passionbits tools without writing a single line of code

Week 2:

Goals: Building a small Database of your target audience and start initial outreach


Create a spreadsheet list of 100 companies you want to work with
Find contact information and email addresses of proper contacts
Begin LinkedIn outreach with template
Begin email outreach with template
Get list of 2nd tier contacts in your niche from your network
Reach out to them, tell them about yourself, and figure out ways you can help them.
Build list of 100 ideal customer personas for your high-end freelance services
Join communities on freelance platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, local meet-ups

Week 2-3:

Goals: Kick Off client outreach campaigns and social media game

Write a personalised messaging for each client in your spreadsheet (focusing on their pain points)
Outreach daily and A/B test different messaging
Put out a 90-day content calendar for LinkedIn and Twitter
Briefly outline each topics and see if they align with your target clients鈥 needs
Schedule your posts on the respective social media channels

Week 3-4:

Goals: Book client calls, propose projects and close sales

鈫 Once you complete an outreach of 100 contacts, aim for an email-to-call conversion rate of 10% (i.e. 10 calls) and a call-to-client conversion rate of 25% (i.e. 2-3 clients/mo.)

Repeat the same for the next 60 days and you鈥檒l see more results

Your Final 90 Day Goal: Close 5-7 recurring clients for $10-$15K in monthly recurring revenue

That鈥檚 it.

Thanks a bunch for subscribing. I鈥檓 here for your success.

CEO at Passionbits

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