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7-Day Freelance Course 馃憢
7-Day Email Course

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Day 5

Onboard your first recurring client in 14 days

Recurring clients are the holy grail for freelancers. It sounds simple, but getting your first recurring client can be despairingly hard.

I鈥檝e tested various tactics and crunched some numbers while working with 1000s of freelancers over 5 years.

And I want to share a proven hack on how you can onboard 1 recurring client every 14 days

Step 1: Be an expert in your field

Step 2: Put together a list of 10 companies that are hiring in your field

Step 3: Take the time to understand their perspective (from the job description)

Step 4: Find ways to make yourself stand out from their target candidates

Step 5: Send them cold emails and tailor the messages based on their needs

Step 6: Map out a six-month plan and close with a time-bound contract.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat!

Why this tactic works?

They are looking for someone to solve a particular problem
You have an expertise and a pre-planned solution to their problem
You鈥檝e saved their time and hassle of having to evaluate 10s of candidates

Position yourself early and better so that you can be a first-choice provider when your potential clients are in need.

鈥 Roshan

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