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7-Day Freelance Course 馃憢
7-Day Email Course

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Day 1

Welcome to the course!

Thanks for joining our group of over 2000 freelancers!

My goal is to make this the most valuable free email course on freelancing ever created.
I hope that by the end of seven days, you鈥檒l agree it is.

Let鈥檚 get started.

The entire reason I created this course is to help you gain a decent income within the next 90 days. The email course includes three main areas:

1 Positioning: Position yourself to stand out of crowd
2 Acquisition: Acquire new clients in the best possible way
3 Retention: Retain 80% of the clients to sustain recurring income

We鈥檙e covering a lot of information over the next seven days, so if you鈥檙e serious about freelancing, make sure to take notes and spend at least an hour per day studying this content.
On Day 2, we are going to discuss how to generate 鈥渓eads鈥 and nurture them to convert into clients.
We鈥檒l go over how to choose your target clients by leveraging business metrics, revenue potential, and positioning yourself first to beat your competition.

What led you to sign up for this email course?
Just hit me an email 鈫

Roshan, CEO at Passionbits

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