the tribrid book of powers

Ch1 The beginning
This story is about werewolves and vampires who never like each other because each side killed one of theirs so that how the war starts the hate for werewolf and vampire started. and Hybrid, who is both At the park’’ Jasmine Nor wood said why are we here in the first place you know this place is creepy why are we even here are you trying to set me up ‘‘Anthony Nor wood said I’m trying to teach you how to be a hybrid so I have some couple of friends teaching how to work your powers.
Jasmine said, why are you even teaching me my powers? I am powerful enough to go to up against the vampires.
Is not that? Hard all you have to do is hit them with a knife. Anthony said, sweetheart is not that easy? You think that’s how you kill a werewolf or a? vampire? It’s not that easy. Get Silver Bullet. bullets we are not no Hunters, we are vampires.
Is not that easy for you just to go out and kill somebody, therefore the world started? This killed your mom. You need to know when to shush. Now we need to get to practice. I have a couple of friends coming over. I will not ask you again.
His friends are here.
‘‘ all right Jasmine, they are here. This is just for practice. It will not. Hurt, the only going to do is teach you how to fight and kill at the war, but they don’t start right now.
Also, I know the vampires killed your mom, but you are a hybrid. You’re half human and a vampire put together. A have vampire, you’re not full vampire yet, so you can still get hurt.
All right, ready guys. Let’s start this training. First, get them without them knowing you have to sneak behind them, and boom, you killed him.
If you went to school, this is where are you going to do for a bully to touch you and I know people be like tell the teacher for Bully I hurt you But those teachers don’t know that sometimes that never works.
You always end up looking like a loser who just cried to the teacher. That’s not you, my baby. Girl, now let’s get to. Work well. The first thing I said was, how do you get the enemy?
by getting them behind so they won’t know you’re there Anthony Announced
Yeah, Jasmine, you go for it and then that’s where you kill them.
yeah ‘‘Buzz Buzz dad is that your phone Anthony Announced no that’s yours she answer the phone Hello who this is Taylor your best friend do you not know my number that so sad Jasmine Replied sorry I’m doing something with my dad and didn’t know your number Taylor Replied I change it well it was good to see you still going to school Jasmine Replied yeah always bye I gotta go bye miss you Taylor Replied miss you to by Anthony Replied that enough to today get some rest hope you ready for tomorrow.
Ch2 Hybrid
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