Improved Design Experience to Increase their Efficiency

Mynd Integrated Solutions provides significant value beyond the technology. We understand that BPM lies at the intersection between technology and process, and requires deeper business knowledge beyond system integration to succeed. We offer our platform as SaaS (Software as a Service) which complements the services delivered, to suit customers’ needs across the globe.

Project Background
The MYND UX project aims to improve the user experience of their own product. The project's primary focus is to ensure that the platform is easy to use, intuitive and provides a seamless experience for users across all devices.
The target audience for MYND's platform is their own Agents. As such, the UX design must take into account the varying needs and goals of these different user segments.
The scope of the project includes a comprehensive review of the current UX design, user research to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement, and the development of a new UX design that addresses these issues. The project team will work closely with MYND's development and marketing teams to ensure the new design aligns with the company's brand and business objectives.
Overall, the MYND UX project aims to create a user-centred and streamlined experience for MYND's agents, ultimately driving engagement and growth for the company.

Initial problems we got

The time to complete one doc is high, need to reduce that time taken to increase their efficiency
White labelling enablement

Root cause identified for the time taken to complete the task
High Friction
Non-intuitive UI
Too much information on screens, which made overall task completion time high.

Solution we proposed
Need to modernise UI to keep it in sync with the product their users use on regular basis.
Do system Audits to identify other issues that make the system look slow and inefficient.

Success Metrics
They need to reduce the time taken to complete one core task from 70 to 40 seconds to increase their efficiency.

Understanding Current System

1. Checked their navigation structure

Problems identified in navigation
Unorganised Structure
Lack of Clear Navigation
Repetitive information
Inconsistent Navigation

2. From Terminology

Jargon: Using industry-specific terminology or jargon that users may not be familiar with can cause confusion and frustration.
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Technical Language

Problems which we identified from above exercise

Complex Navigation
Lack of Information
Inadequate search functionality
Confusing terminology

Understanding the User and their needs

We did multiple session with stakeholder to understand their user behaviour and needs.

User Persona

From above we identified two user personas


Final problems we are going to solve

The time to complete one doc is high, need to reduce that time taken to increase their efficiency
White labelling enablement
Complex Navigation
Lack of Information
Inadequate search functionality
Confusing terminology

Design Solutions

Complex Navigation
Simplify Navigation: Simplify the navigation by reducing the number of options and grouping related items together.
Use Clear Labels: Use clear and descriptive labels for navigation items that accurately reflect the content on the page.


Lack of Information
we have created well-structured information architecture for better information
Inadequate search functionality
we have added a global search option at the top of the header section
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 12.18.48 AM.png
Confusing Terminology: we have to use plain language that is familiar to the target audience and avoid unfamiliar or obscure terminology. This can help to ensure that users understand the content.
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 12.20.03 AM.png

Poor layout and design


Worklist Screen
Invoice Review Screen

Usability Testing

We asked client to test this designs with their users. For this they recruited 4 users and we led the testing process. In this we asked to perform some key task in the product, and we observed that users were processing all information quite fast while performing tasks and they are able to understand all the terminology very well.
Some areas we identified still require some work, but mostly things were working well and users are also excited for the new interface.


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