Build3 Collaboration

Build3 is building a startup community of Founders and Ventures that are looking to create positive outcomes in the domains of sustainability and impact.
They support the Founders with capital and capabilities in different formats eg. digital startup studio, startup studio, online forum, founders circle, startup eco village, creators community hub among others.
As community builders Build3, co-creates with other curious collaborators aka agencies. Each partner, like making movies aligned in building a BlockBuster Venture. Business Design Lab is a Design Studio that blends Business (Strategy) and Design (Innovation) with a single aim of reducing investment risk in growing and scaling innovative ventures.
Build3 could work with Business Design Lab, as a product studio that is business focused and can validate venture ideas before prototyping their products. As a Design Studio we provide unique capabilities to our founders and venture teams:
Business Landscape Research and Opportunity Analysis - Trends and Market Opportunity Navigation
Blue Ocean Opportunity Discovery and Model Creation - Competitive Analysis, Strategies and Tactics
Model Pretotyping - A series of rapid experiments that aims to test models quickly, simply, gathering data in order to validate business model before GTM Product Building.
GTM and PMF Scaling Roadmap - Product RoadMap, Product UX, Market Launch Readiness and Organisation Scale Up Plan.
Our Co-Creation work is usually done in Phases as Sprints.
Venture Due Diligence - 2-4 weeks
Model Pretotyping - 4-8 weeks
Business Co-creation and Product Design - 16 - 24 Weeks
Apart from Co-creation as a Service, Lab offers, Bespoke Workshops/Sessions for teams who would like to learn, implement amd facilitate others.
Our sessions are designed as Collaborative Board Games, Unbox!
Imagine a 4 x 4 hours facilitated session using Miro Templates and Online Collaboration.
Next Steps: Build3 could experience the Lab Capabilities
Test Drive#1 - ProBono Business Design Recommendation Report for a Venture - Requirement 90 Minutes interview with Founder(s) ​Report - RoadMap Recommendation
Test Drive#2 - Paid
4 hour bespoke workshop session for a Venture Team.
Templates and Resources
Why Unbox?
THE BHAG of Business Design Lab is to build a community of collaborative facilitative leaders who will leverage the capabilities and tools of the lab and make venture growth a stressful playful experience for their teams.
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