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Parcha Support Center
Parcha Customer Support Center

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Getting Started

Once Parcha has created an instance for your company...
Navigate to the Chrome Web Store via a direct link to the Parcha extension
{add parcha extension url}
Click the Add to Chrome button
Sign in & Launch the Agent
Click the puzzle piece in the browser chrome
Select the Parcha extension
The Parcha sidebar extension should show up in your browser window
Click the Sign In button
Authenticate with your company email
Click the Launch agent button in the sidebar extension
Running the Agent
If we have set the agent up to be able to access your case list, click on the case ID you would like to run
Within the agent extension experience, you should see the case name and the ability to ‘Dismiss’ or ‘Run’
Click ‘Run’ to have the agent go through the SOP
You can also type in the case ID directly to the agent message input and click the Send airplane icon to run the agent
Reviewing the Agent’s work
Once you have run the agent you will be able to see all of the work the agent has done including citations to the actual content used to make an observation
You can click on these citations to further investigate the findings

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