Marketing Plan

This is a simple rundown of a marketing plan for ABC Law Firm. ABC Law Firm is a leading law firm in the Philippines that specializes in property and territorial disputes. The company has been providing quality and effective services in over 10 decades and has been cited for numerous multi-million peso wins in the history of property claims and dispute cases.
The marketing plan highlights the target audience, marketing goals, strategies, and timeline.

Target Audience

Define Objectives

The goal of ABC Law firm is to capture a new market segment who have risen from the newly growing industry of digital infrastructure. ABC law firm has established itself as a beacon of justice and hope for many physical properties for years and as the age of digitalization is emerging very rapidly, ABC Law Firm wants to take a role in shaping a new just and equitable rights in the space by providing legal advise and representation to parties in legal or civil conflict.


Organization Size

ABC Law Firm aims to partner with individuals and medium-sized organizations.




In tech industries particularly in Metaverse and all digital spaces.

Market Position

Companies and individuals who pride themselves as leading voices and figures in digital spaces.



Target audience values creativity, innovation, community building, and being helpful within the community they belong.


They are interested in disrupting the traditional methods by connecting to many people and sending their new message.


There is very challenging regulative guarantees in many areas especially in crypto spaces.

Identify Their Needs and Preferences


They need a legal team to represent and solve their legal problems.


They prefer a Filipinos and veteran law firm.

Consider the Buying Behavior

Buying Behavior

Their decisions to buy will most likely going to be affected by the executive officers

Marketing Goals

The marketing goal is to get at least 30 appointments every month and to have at least 20% closing rate which means six (6) high ticket clients every month.
Increase brand awareness in social media and existing clients and networks in the legal field.


To hit the ambitious marketing goals, here are the strategies to take:
Develop a psychologically appealing visual brand and language identity to the target market.
Create a social media marketing plan that adopts the current marketing trend while making a clear delineation based on the brand character and personality.
Don’t run FB ads until the organic marketing plans have met the KPIs that will validate the concept in the market.
Run FB ads when that happens.
Create a referral strateby by banking on the decade long experience of the companby
Do PR appearances in media, do interviews, and expose thyself in the spaces of community builders and creators
Risk managements should be in place


The marketing planning should take 2 weeks.
The execution of the plan should take 2 months
The monitoring should be continues by taking an agile project management strategy
The timeline to meet the stable KPI should be met in the 6th month after launching.
Reviews will occur after the 6 month period has lapsed for improvement and strategy reorientation.

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