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Podcast New Downloads


The key observations are:
1. The Target Podcast New Downloads is set at 61,583 for every single week, which is an extremely high target.
2. The actual Podcast New Downloads numbers range from just a few hundred up to around 3,900 at the highest point.
3. Not a single week comes close to achieving the 61,583 new downloads target. Even the highest of 3,920 on 28/06/2021 is only around 6% of the target.
4. There does not appear to be any clear upward trend in new downloads week-over-week.
This shows that the new podcast downloads are severely underperforming compared to the targets set, similar to the total downloads analysis. The targets of over 61,000 new downloads per week seem to have been set unrealistically high based on the actual numbers achieved during this period.
Recommendations to increase new downloads could include aggressive marketing pushes, content promotions, cross-promotions with other creators, advertising spend, and more. However, a target of 61,583 new downloads every single week may need to be revised to a more attainable level.


Here are some recommendations to help increase Podcast New Downloads and to hit targets:
Leverage Affiliate Marketing Identify complementary products/services in your niche and explore affiliate marketing opportunities. Offer incentives to affiliates to promote your podcast to their audiences.
Sponsor Relevant Newsletters Look for popular newsletters or email lists in your topic area and pay to get featured as a sponsor with a promotional spot for your podcast.
Podcast Bundling Explore opportunities to bundle your podcast as part of membership packages, subscriptions, or products related to your niche. This exposes it to new audiences.
If your podcast covers topics that align with popular audio books, look into having clips or the podcast itself integrated as a bonus for audio book buyers.
Arrange to periodically record your podcast episodes as live events or shows that people can attend in-person. This creates buzz and engages the local community.
Podcast New Downloads
Podcast New Download Against Targets

Podcast New Downloads Table
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