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Welcome to the Engineering wiki for Yazi. This is where you will find documentation about our existing process, our tech stack, and the ongoing/planned projects. This wiki is up-to-date as of August 2022, and is up to future users to maintain.

Who this is for?

This wiki is intended to be used as a general reference for the architecture and processes involved with the operation of Yazi. It is intended mostly as a guide to onboard an engineer or adjacent role. The workflows and processes, though able to be used by anyone looking to understand how to do a particular one, contain discussion and scoping of the underlying tech and architecture that may only be selectively useful to those not intended for.

What does Yazi do?

Yazi provides and enables valuable market insights to clients through facilitating survey delivery to a targeted audience. This is what Yazi does now, and has done in the past, but there is the intention to pivot towards the larger goal of gathering market data (through surveys and other sources), and selling the insights found within this data.

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