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To understand how UX people do user research and whether there are any associated painpoints.
We conducted 7 contextual interviews with various people working in a UX role at a product/UX agency. This illuminated many painpoints as well as areas that are not necessarily perceived as too difficult.
Customer/market learnings
Recruitment of low-LSM consumers are hard to acquire at scale (efficiently) - 3/7 people
Running surveys is something people often don’t do as a research technique because of the difficulty in surveying the right audience - 3/7 people
The marketing/advertising segment could be the best or highest business value customer segment
The accuracy of the data and verification of people is crucially important to people - 5/7 people listed


Every interviewee asked about the verifiability, accuracy and identity assuredness we had about our panel.
Large marketing/advertising companies are possibly the best customer segment in terms of value
There are opposing views of user interviews and digital surveys
Do we position as a survey or user interview recruiting product, or both?
A noticeable painpoint for UXers was their ability to access/recruit the right people.


R25K - 1 focus group with 8 people from FGI
Designing of discussion guide
Recruitment of respondents
Incentive to respondents
Project management fee
Analysis of reporting
Transcription of session
R200K for 400 survey responses
Notable points
Notable points
Only did 6 digital surveys in the last 5 years of UX
Recruiting people
A lot of confusion between UX & market research
Recruiting people from other African countries
Good way to describe AI-BO's research category: Exploratory or discovery research
Difficulties with surveys - hard to get hold of people without smartphone
Doesn't do surveys as an agency because doesn't feel they have the expertise or access to the right people
Recruitment company actually gets the wrong person (person lied). Accuracy of the identity of the participant
Has really great user interview recruiters who are individuals
Payments to interviewees was mission when they sourced the interviews directly in 2nd round from RSS
Paying user interviewees when they sourced them themselves
Accessing lowest LSM consumers
Setting up interviews schedule-wise (RSS)
It feels like you deplete your personal network for a project
The participants for the healthcare companies never completes surveys - low response rate, normally 20% of amount emailed
Pays a woman R400 to recruit people for interviews/focus groups for them
Cost of FGI (recruitment compnay they use) is high
Marketing/advertising could be the better segment
Covid made them not able to do in-person interviews anymore
Questions how we're able to ensure accurate and valid results
Would it be possible to setup a booking system for phone/whatsapp call interviews in WhatsApp
Makes founders do research and recruit interviewees as important exercise
If AI-BO fails to deliver audience once then he'll immediately distrust and stop using
Interested in the intersection of interview recruiting and surveys
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