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Internal Pilots

MFC / The Delta pilot (1)
Voooma travel insurance: Prospective Voooma customer’s sentiment toward travel insurance. Voooma is pay as you go travel insurance for long-distance bus travel.
OMC / The Delta pilot (2)
COVID vaccine willingness: People’s desire to take the COVID vaccine and their reason for feeling that way.
Digital Advisor / The Delta (3)
The digital advisor team used AI-BO to recruit users that have an do not have life insurance to survey them further by interviewing select candidates from the results. Their objective was to gather insights to help the digital advisor team
EasyCheck / The Delta (4)
EasyCheck used AI-BO to find out how South Africans who’s financial dependants have died were able to get paid out.
Both EasyCheck and Digital Advisor survey teams got an enormous amount of value of being able to recruit and speak to people for their projects that they would otherwise not been able to get hold of. The case studies will appear on the website at the end of July.
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