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Product Pieces

Elmar build

Q1 - open text
→ BE API → listen to feed from landbot (API also needs to fire message to Landbot)
User Stories
Webhook to kick things off - accepts generic data (acts as switch → which question to go to)
As a survey respondent I want to be able to see the button text question
Want to be able to see the
Inject dynamic parameters - control what text is displayed
Transform answer number into answer text
As a result of responding to the button question, I receive the open text question
Invoke the message hook - can accept message from the bot
Based on message, it can invoke the webhook again to present the respondent the next question
As a survey respondent I want to be able to close the survey
After 2 questions, the survey ends

Can you postman to post json object into webhook

Convert into stories in Jira
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