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Architecture Overview

The architecture of Yazi has evolved substantially from the initial structure. This evolution has manifested through the gradual integration of various SaaS services that are used for various business operations and processes. This SaaS-microservice architecture was mostly a result of limited resources in the initial development stage as well as a lack of capacity for service maintenance throughout operation.
Where custom code-based microservices would have been far better suited to the scaling of Yazi, SaaS solutions provided the very small team with easier-to-use low-code interfaces that did not have to be maintained by them. Without this, the team would not have had the capacity to innovate and pivot as rapidly as they did in order to remain competitive.
With recent back-end projects, and having woken up the database from its hibernation, the aim is to move away from SaaS services where possible and move to owning a codebase that is more scalable, maintainable, and stable.
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