9/11/2021 - Financial Projections Meeting Minutes

Dr. Ayman didn’t take October Salary.
Need associate for Amazon for December.
Need associate for N/J for March
Need packing labor in December
Need 1 extra fulfillment in April
Need 1 extra fulfillment in October
As long as we tell Dr. Ayman early on we can discuss his role
Remove Atif and Khalil overtime and put a fixed salary
A discussion about how well we understand visual merchandising
Ecommerce supervisor in Feb 22
VM Leader in July 22
E-commerce specialist in January 22
E-commerce specialist in March 22 for Noon/ Jumia
Product listing in December 21
Ahmed said we have no females at all, we should hire a trainee to handle overloaded tasks.
We need inventory controller in Feb 22 as we will have a warehouse to stock in
Dr. Ayman suggests that we have a stock controller under the accounting department, we need him once we have more than a single stocking place, and more than a sales channel. So we need him before Noon/Jumia. He will be the first one to know the problems happening in stock and alert us to file disputes.
6000 for an accountant on Odoo is low, we need to increase it to 8000
We need to add Etqaan team till the end of the year to help with data migration
There is no office space for the new hires till February
The current HR subscription is 2250
Equipment for new hires, laptops, printers, scanners, offices, chairs, overall assets.
Dr. Ayman knows an IT agency, send him IT agencies needed services and software and hardware.
When Swatx leaves all the hardware setup will need to be replaced or be bought from them.
Amazon FBA warehouse storage fees, same applies to Noon and Jumia
Add other expenses for miscellaneous fees.
Sales order should cater for seasons, like Ramadan, Summer vacation, Back to school, exams season, etc.
action plan for all departments
Marketing activities too boom sales
Think about Cleo not only Tasalla, consider Zabadyyy
Think about services to sell as e-commerce.
Present the business plan in a presentation
Involve Dr. Ayman with the other type of the investors presentation
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