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Motivation in Parasite SEO

When you are engaged in Parasite SEO and have chosen this strategy for yourself, and you work alone, you face many challenges, difficulties, and tasks. You need to plan everything, study, catch trends, experiment a lot, and try many things.
My course → “” and my WhatsApp group offer an opportunity to organize knowledge, update it, gain new insights, discuss and learn new things in a highly specialized environment where SEOs like you seek answers to their questions about:
How to reach the TOP using parasites
How to analyze competitors
How to find the right products to sell
How to discover the right keywords and perform internal optimization
How to index posts
How to elevate them to the TOP
How to construct a sales funnel
Sometimes I revisit the lessons and course structure myself to organize my thoughts, put them in order, and move forward with purpose.
Sometimes it’s challenging, sometimes it’s unsuccessful, sometimes you lack patience.
How do you plan your time to accomplish everything and earn money?
What is your motivation?
It's not just about achieving high rankings for numerous keywords or generating traffic. Your motivation is a stable income.
Your motivation is to do what you love so that it brings in money. There are many ways to earn money, but it's important that you enjoy what you do, and then it will likely be profitable.

What you should know about your prospects:

Parasite SEO Won't Make You Famous
Parasite SEO does nothing to benefit society
Parasite SEO does not guarantee well-being
Parasite SEO involves deleting accounts and posts
Parasite SEO is a constant battle against competitors
Parasite SEO entails continually creating new pages
Parasite SEO requires constant analytics
At the end of a challenging day, you might wonder, "Did I manage to outpace my competitors and earn money?"

About disappointment:

There is plenty of it in Parasite SEO. Even after creating numerous posts and indexing them, you may still not earn or earn very little. What is the reason? Your motivation should be to work on yourself. It's not anyone's fault if something doesn't work out for you. Lift your head and learn.
Consider why you might be struggling:
Have you thoroughly researched the competition?
Do you understand the principle - many platforms, many posts, many products, many conversion techniques?
Is your on-page optimization up to par?
Do you study examples of successful conversion?
How much do you experiment?
Are you engaging in useless work that is holding you back?


Don't lose confidence in what you're doing.
Growth with Parasite SEO is possible when you diversify and expand your content coverage.
You can consistently earn money if you have a robust inventory.
You work hard at the beginning of the journey, then you do less work but earn more.
There are no gurus - there is the power of knowledge and the amount of work done. If you lag in either indicator, there will be no result.
Updates, account deletion, competition, a significant workload, and much more - this is your journey through Parasite SEO. When you start to grow, you won't have to work as hard as you do now.


Join my training system → “”, which includes 3 elements: 1. Course, 2. Private WhatsApp group, 3. The list of 80 parasites, which I update regularly
Hire workers
Explore new directions in SEO
Start investing
Explore other niches
Experiment with new traffic channels
Try advertising
Establish your own SEO company
Nobody ever helped me, so I made many mistakes in my career, expended a lot of time, effort, money, and hopes. When you engage in product reviews and search promotion, you always take risks and may lose capital, but you will definitely leverage the knowledge you gain to advance in your field. And we love it!

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