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Getting Started

This wiki is built in Notion. Here are all the tips you need to contribute.

The Basics

Create a Page

In your sidebar, click the + that appears next to the word Workspace on hover. A new page will appear. Give it a title and start typing like you would in any other document.


You can add headings and subheadings in one of two ways:
Type /heading or /h1, /h2, or /h3 to choose the heading size you want.
Use Markdown shortcuts, like #, ##, and ###.
Create inline code by wrapping text with ` (or with the shortcut cmd/ctrl + e).

Toggle Lists

Toggle lists streamline your content. Click the arrow to open.
Click the arrow again to hide this content.
Create a toggle by typing /toggle and pressing enter.
You can add anything to toggles, including images and embeds.

Callout Blocks

💡 Create a callout block like this by typing /call and pressing enter.Helpful for adding inline instructions, warnings, disclaimers, and tips.Change the emoji icon by clicking on it.

Code Blocks

You can add code notation to any Notion page:
Type /code and press enter.
Choose the language from the dropdown in the bottom right corner.
Here's an example:
Hover over this block to see the <b>Copy to Clipboard</b> option!
Your teammates can select any code to comment on it.

Organizing Pages

Instead of using folders, Notion lets you nest pages inside pages.
Type /page and press enter to create a sub-page inside a page. Like this:

Advanced Techniques

Check out this guide for more advanced tips and how-to's.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.