Ramp Onboarding Plan

Plan to help Ramp define and maintain application dependency goals

Week 1-2: Kickoff and Preparation

Organize a kickoff meeting with Stephen / Eli and any other key stakeholders from Ramp to understand high-level goals for the code to be integrated.
Set up #ramp-infield Slack support channel.
Infield founders and engineers will also be available through .
Prepare training collateral for presentation to broader Ramp team and reference collateral for ongoing support.
This can be optional based on how Stephen / Eli view broader team usage.

Week 3-4: Team Training

Infield founders conduct Zoom training session for Ramp engineers showing how to prioritize and implement upgrades more efficiently.
Announce channels for support and ongoing product feedback.
Billing period would start at this point.
Set up bi-weekly meeting with Stephen / Eli to review Infield usage and upgrade progress.

Ongoing Support and Feedback

Enhanced documentation at .
Bi-weekly 30 min meeting with Stephen / Eli - founders also reachable anytime through .
Ongoing support with broader team through #ramp-infield channel and .

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