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Ramp + Infield 12/21

Product Conversation

Original Questions
Performance - can we create a rule to ensure we’re prioritizing any upgrades that improve performance?
Value - TLDR / benefits of doing / having done a particular upgrade. Are we presenting these before or after the upgrade? how do you want these presented?
Stewardship - can we assign stewards? How would we want to do that?
Punch Lists - breaking changes - some with impact analysis. Where do these live?
Codemods - how would we want this to work. Would these be available by breaking change? How would these work with stewards / owners?
Reporting - Team is making absolutely 0 progress or worse regressing. Then it's like our team would probably schedule something and be like, hey, you guys are going in the wrong direction.
Code Owner Follow Ups
Upgrade Owners
Are we trying to automate assignment? Is it based on original installer / import statements / last upgrader?
Do we want these to be defined in code or in our app? If code, CODEOWNERS (can’t define based on deps), , something else?
Do we want something like a history by dependency and then owners on the top, which is changeable?
What do we do for folks that just have the CLI integration and presumably we can’t see git history?
Do we need to think more about the users sheet. Don’t need to be users inside github. Email on the name of the.
If a different person annotated the breaking
Unclear if Upgrade Path is going to work for python
Then how do owners relate to policies? Does it make sense to generate triggers here?
We should include some manual or override feature for customers without Github app
Do we need to account for polyrepo architecture out of the gate? Ramp: “Hey, we’ve upgraded in core. Growth team, you’re the only ones who haven’t done the upgrade yet”
Slack integration for “nag ops” - need some ability to configure this
Backlog by owner - could be handled in Jira? Probably need more customer input on this.
Tracking / Reporting
Reporting by team / owner over time

Other Follow Ups (TBD)
GPT for PSAs (before and after upgrades)
Spot to include codemods
Gating for introduction of new dependencies
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