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Aditya Sher

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Here's me at Startup Weekend 2018!
Hello! I'm Aditya, a Product Manager and Generalist Designer with over 3 years of experience in diverse domains such as Community Platforms, Web3, and AI. I have hands-on experience in both Design and Development.

I have been an avid explorer since college, and have been a founder twice (), I am really passionate about building stuff and have worked in Startups across the 0-1 and 1-10 stages. Currently I am looking for my next play into Product Management and working on impactful products.
Product,, Project Manager at


Case Studies

Designing a Video Streaming feature for WhatsApp
Root Cause Analysis: Drop in Seller CSAT Ratings


AR Vidhya, an ed-tech startup, sold 200+ copies won Startup Weekend 2018, IEEE Maker Fair 2018
ARVidhya Augmented Reality Cards
Download free ARVidhya - Augmented Reality Alphabets App to transform traditional books based rot learning method into interactive cognitive based family learning experience. Experience 3D virtual contents coming live into your real world which would give you a remembering and fun learning experience. This app helps develop cognitive, creativity, imagination and vocabulary of your child in very quick and easy way, so they could progress and excel in studies and excel in their class. Inside the app- 1. 3D animated contents in Augmented Reality. 2. Mix of different characters from Animals, Vehicle, objects etc. 3. Listen to the Phonic sound of each letter and words. 4. Informative voice over audio for each character, Example, sound of animals, sounds of vechicles. 5. Touch to animate the characters. 6. Touch the cards for phonics. 7. Two-finger rotation 7. Two-finger scale 9. Share the contents with your friends with photo. HOW TO USE: Download the demo card images using URL and Go to the Try Demo section of app and see these images through the App and enjoy the Augmented Reality 3D contents coming to life. To enjoy all 30 cards, stay in touch with our website for the official launch. TIPS: Please ensure that you are connected to Internet while using the app. Works best in ambient light for better tracking of the cards. Hold the camera in a steady and straight position, making sure that the it is just close enough to align the corners of the cards with the corners in camera feed. Allow the app a few seconds to recognize the cards. Lastly, have patience in starting. It takes time to enter into the Augmented Reality world. Happy Learning!!


Exploring the onboarding experience for different Wallets, Exchanges and Fintech Apps

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