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Business plan - Platr

Executive Summary

Company Description

Platr Nigeria Limited is pioneering sustainable B2B e-commerce solutions, deeply committed to empowering business owners and fostering a robust digital economy. Our platform is designed to simplify webshop creation, streamline bookkeeping processes, and optimize order and customer management. At the heart of our mission is a vibrant community of SMEs, e-commerce educators, business analysts, and accountants. We cultivate this community through networking events, seminars, and entrepreneur-focused stories on our social media channels, underlining our unique community-driven approach.
🔋 Sustainability and Empowerment:
Our dedication to sustainability extends to our financial model, where we reinvest 5% of the subscription fees from businesses managed by our partners back into the community. This practice not only rewards our partners but also strengthens the ecosystem, ensuring that every transaction contributes to mutual growth and sustainability.
⭐ Product Offerings with Unparalleled Flexibility:
Platr Business: A versatile tool for SMEs, enabling them to establish online webshops, manage comprehensive bookkeeping across all channels, and handle orders and customer interactions with ease. Features include accepting payments online and facilitating quick payouts to business accounts within 24 hours, guaranteeing liquidity and efficiency.
Platr Partner: A unique offering for e-commerce educators, business analysts, and accountants to earn by managing businesses using Platr Business. It offers access to essential data on order trends, financial insights, and inventory, fostering a data-driven approach to business management. Partners are carefully selected and linked to businesses, ensuring a perfect match of skills and needs.
♻️ A Flexible Partnership Model:
At Platr, we understand the dynamic nature of business relationships. Hence, we've designed our partnership model to be as flexible as it is beneficial. Businesses have the autonomy to choose whether to keep a partner, switch to another, or opt not to use a partner at all. This flexibility ensures that our clients are always in control, able to adapt their strategies to best suit their evolving needs while still benefiting from the supportive ecosystem that Platr offers.
While we are an established player in the market, it is our community-oriented and flexible approach that sets us apart. Our model not only meets the immediate needs of businesses but also nurtures a sustainable and supportive ecosystem, where knowledge, resources, and financial gains are shared. Platr Nigeria Limited is more than a service provider; we are a cornerstone of sustainable business growth, championing the power of community and flexibility in the e-commerce industry.

Market Analysis

Organization and Management

Platr Nigeria Limited is a premier company registered in Nigeria, focusing on innovation and excellence across its operations. Our organizational structure and management team comprise a diverse and skilled group of founders and key members, each contributing unique expertise, experience, and vision to the company. The ownership and management structure is strategically designed to utilize the strengths of each member, fostering strong leadership and a dynamic approach towards achieving our business objectives.

👫 Ownership Structure

Platr Nigeria Limited's ownership is distributed among its founders and key members as follows:
Ademola Kabir Adigun, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, holds a 32% stake in the company. Ademola is also responsible for product design and development, leading the company's vision and innovation efforts.
Rabiu Rabiu, Founder and Head of Marketing Team and Operations, based in the United States, owns 28% of the company.
Yasmin Sani, Head of Human Resources and Founder, owns 15%.
Erik Naljota, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, owns 15%.
Muhammed Thanni Alabelewe, Chief Communications Officer and Product Manager, owns 1%.
Abdulrahman Aliyu, Chief Financial Officer, owns 1%.
Nelson Aigbotsua, Chief Operating Officer, owns 1%.
Jafar Abdulrahman, Advisory Board Member, owns 2%.
Abdul-Alim Ahmad, Head of Community, owns 1%.
Uthman Dantata, Head of Content Creation and Productions, owns 1%.
Babagana Abba and Maishanu Ahidjo, Full Stack Developers, each own 1%.
This diverse ownership reflects a collaborative and inclusive approach to decision-making and strategy, underscoring our commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

📁 Management Team Profiles

Ademola Kabir Adigun (Chief Executive Officer and Founder): Ademola embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of Platr Nigeria Limited. With a profound expertise in product design and development, he steers the company towards innovative solutions and market leadership. Ademola's role is crucial in setting strategic direction, fostering innovation, and ensuring technological advancements align with the company’s goals.
Rabiu Rabiu (Founder and Head of Marketing Team and Operations): With a strategic mindset and a global perspective, Rabiu orchestrates the marketing and operational frameworks of the company. Based in the United States, he leverages international insights to enhance market reach and impact, ensuring Platr Nigeria Limited's offerings resonate on a global scale.
Yasmin Sani (Head of Human Resources): Yasmin's leadership in human resources is pivotal in shaping the company's culture and workforce strategy. With a Master's degree and a deep understanding of talent management, she ensures the attraction, development, and retention of top talent, aligning human resources practices with the company’s strategic objectives.
Erik Naljota (Chief Technology Officer): Erik's role as CTO is instrumental in driving technological innovation at Platr Nigeria Limited. His expertise ensures the company’s products and services leverage cutting-edge technology, maintaining a competitive edge in the industry and fulfilling the company’s commitment to innovation.
Muhammed Thanni Alabelewe (Chief Communications Officer and Product Manager): Muhammed is at the forefront of product strategy and customer experience, guiding the development and management of products that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. His insights into customer needs ensure Platr Nigeria Limited delivers value and excellence.
Abdulrahman Aliyu (Chief Financial Officer): Abdulrahman brings a strategic approach to financial management, with his expertise as a chartered accountant and ongoing pursuit of a Ph.D. in Accounting. His stewardship is critical in financial planning, risk management, and ensuring the financial integrity and sustainability of Platr Nigeria Limited.
Nelson Aigbotsua (Chief Operating Officer): Nelson, with his Master's degree in Human Resources and Management, optimizes operational efficiencies and quality control across the company. His leadership is vital in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, supporting the company's strategic goals through operational excellence.
Jafar Abdulrahman (Advisory Board Member): Jafar's strategic insights and guidance are invaluable to Platr Nigeria Limited, providing oversight and advice on long-term strategy and market opportunities. His experience enriches the company's strategic planning and competitive positioning.
Abdul-Alim Ahmad (Head of Community): Abdul-Alim’s role in community engagement is central to building strong relationships with customers and the broader community, enhancing brand loyalty and support. His efforts in fostering an active and engaged community are key to the company’s marketing and retention strategies.
Uthman Dantata (Head of Content Creation and Productions): Uthman’s creative leadership in content creation and production enriches the company’s marketing efforts, engaging the target audience with compelling content. His strategic approach to storytelling and content strategy amplifies the company's brand message and drives marketing success.
Babagana Abba and Maishanu Ahidjo (Full Stack Developers): Babagana and Maishanu contribute technical expertise and innovation as Full Stack Developers, supporting the company’s technology and product development efforts. Their skills are essential for developing scalable, efficient, and impactful technological solutions.
Each member of the Platr Nigeria Limited team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a unique perspective, contributing to a collaborative, innovative, and strategic approach to business. Their collective efforts drive the company towards achieving its vision, ensuring market leadership, and delivering exceptional value to customers.


Our team members are highly qualified, with all holding Bachelor's degrees in their respective fields. Yasmin Sani, Abdulrahman Aliyu, and Nelson Aigbotsua distinguish themselves with Master's degrees, showcasing our team's dedication to continuous learning and expertise. Abdulrahman, a chartered accountant in Nigeria, is further enhancing his qualifications by pursuing a Ph.D. in Accounting.
The educational and professional backgrounds of our advisory board, management, and operational teams form the cornerstone of Platr Nigeria Limited's strategic approach, innovation, and customer service excellence. This comprehensive blend of knowledge and skills ensures a holistic approach to business development and market leadership.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Funding Request

Financial Projections


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