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Where are the Best Places in the World to Practice Yoga?

Practice Yoga in Bali
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If you are a regular traveler or just having your yearly holidays, especially overseas, you might be interested in trying new activities. Indeed, when you have free time, it can be interesting to explore new territories and learn new stuff and it could even be a good start for a new regular practice when you get back to your homeland.
People in holidays try numerous things as diving, snorkelling, martial arts, extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jump, and any water activities. Since a few years, spiritual and well being activities became more famous too : such as Yoga or meditation retreats , any health and detox retreats or spiritual development workshops.
Among all of this, Yoga classes are becoming so famous that in the most famous tourist spots or holidays destination, it is compulsory to have good quality classes to satisfy the customers.
Today we will explain what kind of activities you can do around Yoga and where to do it over the world.

☑️What is Yoga ?

Yoga is an ancient practice or science that originated in North India around 5000 years ago. It means union. The goal is to reach the union between Soul, Mind and body and reach the bliss state called Samadi. By practicing Yoga you will develop a better harmony, stillness, feel more connected to your higher self and feel more relax and stronger mentally and physically.
Nowadays , in our modern society and western Yoga studio it is more or less only focusing on the physical part, yet, originally, there is a wide technical practice to follow, going from breath-work, cleansing , a wide philosophy to practice and study, meditation and of course Asanas ( physical posture ).
Along the years, Yoga evolute and changed, still with the same base. Now you can find many different kind of Yoga.
The main types are Hatha, Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Ashtanga.

☑️ Why practice Yoga ?

There is hundreds of benefits, all backed up by science and most of them are compiled in very good books. We wont list all of the , but we can give you a few one that could give you a good reason to start . It would be more general benefits rather than particular detailed ones.
Keep you healthy : of course if you practice on a regular basis you will get a better body health inside out , if you do regular Asanas, breath works, meditation and you follow some cleansing exercises.
Improve your mood and mental health : by doing Yoga on a daily basis or often you will improve you mental health and get better on anxiety, mood swings and so on . Meditation and practice of physical posture help on this .
Link with the two points above, you will develop serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin and this will give you a better life quality , a sense of reward and motivation, contentment and love, stabilise your mood and help you relieve pain.
If you are in pain in some part of your body or if you have weakness, specific asanas can help you to strengthen your muscle, help you digest, prevent any disease .
There is hundreds of benefits and the best is to really practice and go step by step and ask your Yoga instructor if needed.

☑️ Retreat, Yoga classes, workshops, Yoga teacher training : different kind of Yoga you could do during your holidays

If you decided to practice Yoga overseas, Don’t get confused with the following :
- : its the classic one hour or one hour and a half class in the studio. There is many different types of Yoga styles
- Yoga retreat : it can go from 2 days to 2 weeks and if it’s a longer stay where you will practice Yoga and / Or meditate, learn more technical knowledge or just relax
- Yoga workshop : generally last half a day to 2 days . It’s generally done to learn new skills and develop your knowledge in Yoga.
- Yoga teacher training : its totally different, it can last up to one / two months and it’s a training to become a teacher or for more advanced practitioners.

☑️ Best places in the world to practice Yoga

There is numerous hotspot to practice all over the world. Indeed, some destinations attract teachers, Yoga studios and numerous conscious and spiritual peoples.
The most important will be of course the quality of the teaching, then the environment as the studio itself then the vibe from the country or area
It is the most obvious as this is where it was created and many Yogis travel there for a traditional teaching. The main spots are Rishikesh, Goa, Mysore
✔️Bali :
Some of the . It is the perfect spot if you want to mix a warm and nice holiday with unique vibe and a serious and professional practice . The most well known areas are Canggu and Ubud.
What about practicing on a dream islands and then going for a swim in turquoise water ? Thailand can surely offer you this, especially the South with a place like Koh Phangan. The north has nice offer too , especially Chiang Mai et Pai.
There is many other place and area to explore : Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mediterranean spots like Grece, Cyrpus , Sri Lanka, Portugal , Nepal etc …
Nowadays, Yoga is widely spread around the world and you can find studios and classes in any touristic spots. Indeed, people tend to focus on health, well being and are looking for relaxing activities like Yoga.
No matter the spot you choose, make sure that there is good quality classes and that the offer will suits your needs. Indeed, there is many different types or styles, so it would be wise to plan ahead !
Don’t forget to contract an insurance for your travel in case of injuries while practicing.

Enjoy your time off !
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