Productivity is hard

just got easier

Discover a logic-driven approach to productivity


Accelerate your productivity learning curve
Gain the equivalent of years of productivity expertise in just a few hours. This template distils fundamental productivity principles into an easy-to-use format, brimming with actionable steps and clear examples.

A system of logical productivity guidelines
Time and task management might seem like an intuitive art, but logical and tested methods often underpin it. Our tool provides a structured approach to productivity, moving beyond gut feelings to a more deliberate and efficient way of working.

Beyond just organising your tasks
Delve into the deeper aspects of personal and team productivity. Understand the 'why' and 'how' behind effective organisational habits, ensuring that each aspect of your workflow is purposefully designed for maximum efficiency and results.

Don't just organise tasks arbitrarily

Productivity management is challenging. Having countless tools and methods at your disposal sounds ideal, but in practice, it can be daunting and inefficient.

With many choices in task management, prioritisation, scheduling, and goal setting, making productivity decisions can feel overwhelming. When you consider the importance of work-life balance, time management, and team collaboration, the complexity only increases.

Fortunately, managing productivity doesn’t have to be so difficult. Over time, I’ve discovered that most of my productivity and time management decisions are guided by a system of logical principles, not just random actions or instinctive choices.

Indeed, natural organisational talent is beneficial, but much of what constitutes effective productivity can be learned and practised. A system of logical principles streamlines the process of making informed decisions about managing your time and tasks. Without this system, you're likely shuffling tasks on a whim rather than strategically planning for productivity.

I have a fondness for structure and logic, but productivity decisions are rarely cut-and-dry. Instead of rigid rules that must be adhered to, consider this tool's advice as practical guidelines that generally yield great results.

I wish I had these guidelines when I started honing my productivity skills. They are the result of years of experience in managing both personal and professional tasks. My hope is that they will help you accelerate your productivity journey, gaining years of expertise in a fraction of the time.



Who's this tool for?

Individuals at the beginning or intermediate stages of their career journey, team leaders, project managers, or anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional productivity. This tool is especially useful for those managing daily tasks, balancing multiple projects, or seeking to improve their time management and organisational skills for both website and mobile applications.


Will I get updates?

Yes, whenever we make any updates we will notify you and show you how you can make the changes to your own template.

Do you offer refunds?

As a digital product, we do not offer refund if you change your mind. If you are unsure it’s suits your needs please reach out of play around with our sandbox template here.

Is there any training?

We are currently working on creating some video training course, you can find details on how to use it in our document page.

Can I customise the template?

Yes, that is the best thing you can create, add or expand on any sections, table or pages. We’ve done our best to add warnings to sections that have the potential of breaking a table or formula.

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