How to Use AI For Active Learning and Education

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As a lifelong learner, I've always had a passion for acquiring new knowledge and skills. ​However, as someone with self-diagnosed ADHD, I've struggled with distractions while learning online. From ads and notifications to information rabbit holes and research tangents, it can be hard to stay focused. But thanks to A.I. my learning experiences have been transformed. A.I. has allowed me to access information in a new and exciting way without the distractions that used to hold me back. With certain tools like ChatGPT, you can ask absurd questions and keep probing and digging deeper, taking your learning to new levels. When discussing A.I. active learning, I am not limiting myself to just the popular term of 2023, "ChatGPT", but this tool is certainly included among the ones I mention and several other AI-powered tools. With the help of A.I., my learning experiences have become more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable.


Learning and research

One of the challenges of using A.I. for learning is the need for fact-checking. ​ can help with this, Frase is an AI-powered research tool that is marketed as an SEO and marketing tool. But it can also be used as a personal research tool and custom A.I. assistant, which you'll learn more about later. With Frase, you're able to, Analyse, Research, Fact-check, and Explore information in a unique way. It allows you to search and analyse the top 20 Google search results, Quora, Wikipedia, Reddit, Google News, and any custom domain or URL. The tool provides the level of detail and accuracy that traditional search engines offer, making it an ideal tool for research. Frase is the perfect tool for market research, an essential task for SEO marketers. It helps you gather information, analyze and fact-check, saving you time and effort. It's a powerful tool that can be used for various personal research and learning purposes, not just for SEO and marketing.

A.I. content on the next level?

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Spelling and grammar

As someone who has struggled with spelling and grammar throughout life, I have found that products like Grammarly have greatly improved my writing. The use of A.I. and machine learning tools has greatly contributed to the writing and formatting of this post, making it more cohesive and reader-friendly. ​
Growing up, I leaned on spell check to correct my mistakes, and my laziness towards improving my spelling and grammar skills was the result. But with the help of Grammarly, it finds not only spelling errors but also grammar and punctuation errors and presents them in a way that is easy to understand. ​

A.I speech training

The ability to read and comprehend information has never been a big issue for me, but word pronunciation, mumbling and clarity are a different story. Sometimes I've been self-conscious about my pronunciation. Still, it hasn't stopped me from speaking in public or participating in group discussions. If you are anything like me the help of AI-powered speech recognition technology, you can practice and improve your pronunciation in a more efficient and effective way.

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