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🌳 Data Science and Engineering

🧭 Mission and Product


Our mission is to make commerce better for everyone. From building a new product feature for our commerce platform, to helping a merchant troubleshoot an issue over the phone, we want to empower our merchants through our work.
Having a unified vision, a north star, is vitally important to ensure that we are all headed in the same direction. No matter the size or experience, we want to power every experience. This is why we are all here.


Consider what it was like to start a business 10 years ago. You had to call a bank, send documents, and wait for weeks. Then you had to hire a designer and a marketing consultant to build a website and somehow hook it up to your bank. It was a confusing, expensive, and extremely frustrating process.
We created Shopify to get rid of this terrible experience. We want merchants to focus on their businesses instead of dealing with layers of bureaucracy that just get in the way. This means we are first and foremost a product company. We believe that we can use software to continually simplify how commerce happens around the world. We want to make the best products our industry has ever seen.
Shopify is designed for scalability, allowing our merchants to grow their businesses with us. We want to make Shopify accessible to everyone and powerful enough that when a merchant’s ideas take off, they don’t have to migrate to another platform to handle it.
The field of selling is so vast that merchants often have unique requirements, so making a user interface that works great for almost everyone is an enormous challenge. But this is what we set out to do.

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🛅 Interview Process

How we hire: potential over pedigree

Initial call

This is a quick 30-minute conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about Data @ Shopify, we’ll ask some questions about your experience, and you’ll have the floor for any questions you have.
NOTE: Your questions say a LOT about you and your motivations so please take the time to research the blogs and other material we’ve included here.

The Life Story interview

There is no need to prepare for the Life Story interview. Our hope is to have a genuine, two-sided conversation about something you know best—yourself! As we walk with you through your journey we’ll be able to get a good sense of..
Do you make things better not only for yourself, but for those around you?
Do you have an understanding of your strengths and also how you impact those around you?
Are you able to communicate authentically and do you have a history of building high trust with others?
Do you have the skills or potential to do the job you’re applying for?
Do you have a high degree of care for what you do in work and in life?

Pair Programming - Tech Managers and Below

75 minutes with the last ~10-15 minutes being Q&A. You'll be asked to work through a problem and solve it using the programming language in which you are most comfortable. We may ask you a couple of questions about how you are approaching the task and the technical background of the problem. We want to learn not only how you write code, but how you think about writing code, too.

Meet the team

We want to create the opportunity to meet as many future Data Science co-workers as possible. This way, you can get to know the people you could be working with, and the problems they’re currently solving. You can expect to meet between 3-5 people for up to an hour each.

Decision and offer

Collecting diverse feedback from Shopify team members of varying levels of seniority, experiences and perspectives is an important part of how we work. Your hiring team will take the time to meet, and come back to you with a decision.

Frequently asked questions

When will we discuss compensation?
As a company, we don't discuss salary until later in the interview process. Compensation at Shopify is built on skill, experience, market value, and internal equity. It is assessed and customized to your needs throughout your interview process.
Who can I turn to if I have questions throughout the interview process?
Our recruiters and coordinators will be supporting you throughout the process. Feel free to ask them questions about what to expect, who you will meet, and more.
What does Shopify look for in a potential candidate?
We look for people who value the people they work with and the business owners we support. We hire people who care about constant learning, making an impact everywhere they go, thriving on change, building for the long term and making great decisions quickly.
How can I prepare for my interviews?
Your recruiter will provide you with more information on what to expect and how to prepare for your interviews.
What should I wear to my interview?
Your interviews will be remote so come as you are. Maybe you think best in a three-piece suit; maybe you have a favorite t-shirt and jeans combo—we're happy as long as you’re comfortable.
I have applied/interviewed in the past and wasn’t selected. Can I apply again?
Absolutely. If re-applying for the same role, we encourage you to first gain additional experience. For engineering roles, we ask that you wait 6-12 months before applying again.
How long is the interview process?
You can expect to meet a recruiter and 3-5 team members for up to an hour each. Our recruiters and coordinators will create a schedule that works best for you.

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Our values
Making great decisions quickly 🔥
Build for the long term 🦕
Be impactful 🚀
Thrive on change 🐛 🦋
Don’t be an asshole 🐡
Show humility, not entitlement 🌱
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