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WH40k Campaign
Warhammer 40,000 Campaign

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Project Summary

The framework to build from.


A multi-player campaign to allow as many different types of game systems to be played in the same narrative space.


This will allow the Club to keep a running set of games tied together to foster a sense of community and further drive people to expand on the game systems they play or number of games they’re playing. This ties into the Club’s main goal of getting people together to roll dice.


When left without direction, most players do not push themselves to connect with other player and schedule games. I like to think of it as a type of Decision Paralysis, there’s too many people and too many options for what and how to play. By putting together a framework for people to play with, this take out most of these issues and just puts the onus on the players to get together and play.


As a main point, this frameworks is going to be built out from a minimal working state and continually expand as depth is needed.
We’re going to be talking with the players after every turn to make sure that the gameplay we’re seeing matches the project’s intended goal.


This is not intended to be about ‘fixing’ any particular games system to be balanced or fair. We’re going to use what resources have been published for the most part only adding what is needed to clarify or flavor as necessary.


As the 9e 40k Codexes are a main point for the flavor of this project, v1 is intended to be completed by the time all Codex have been released. Due to the length of time this will most likely take, v0 which will be based on just the 9e Rulebook estimated to be completed by the end of Dec 2020. vA is the Alpha version that will be used until we’re ready to publish v0.
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