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Mountain Valley

White Dwarf 457 - October 2020 | p66-6
The Mountain Valley is an inhospitable place, wreathed in blood freezing fogs and assaulted by blizzards that can strip flesh from bone. Waging war in this locale is particularly dangerous, especially when a single grenade can trigger an avalanche and bury the battlefield in tons of snow, ice and rock.
When fighting a battle in the Mountain Valley, the following rules apply:

Frozen Blizzards

Before the battle, after the battlefield has been created, the Attacker must roll one D3 and consult the table below to determine the current weather effect. That weather effect lasts until the end of the battle
1 | Deep Powder
The snow continues to pile high, hampering warriors’ efforts to advance quickly into position.
Each time a unit that cannot FLY Advances, no more than 3" can be added to the Move characteristic of models in that unit.
2 | Frozen Fog
A bone-chilling fog descends on the battlefield, closing around the warriors and dropping visibility to a mere fraction of what it was.
Units that are more than 24" away cannot be seen and cannot be targeted by any attacks.
3 | Ice-shard Blizzard
Razor-edged hail pelts the battlefield, slicing open flesh and even punching through light armour. Such a blizzard is particularly dangerous for aerial units, the shards damaging engines and turbines with ease.
Each time a VEHICLE model starts or ends a move within 6" of a terrain feature, roll one D6, adding 1 to the roll if that model can FLY: on a 5-6, that model’s unit suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 7+, that model’s unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Avalanche Risk

With frequent heavy snowfall, this Theatre of War is at constant risk of avalanches. Over the course of the game, each time any models fire particularly devastating (and loud) ranged weapons, there is a chance that they will cause an avalanche.
In the Shooting phase, each time a model makes an attack with either a blast weapon (e.g. a weapon with the blast ability) or makes an attack that inflicts 4 or more damage to its target, make a note of the table quarter the attacking model is within (we recommend you keep a tally). If the attacking model is within more than one table quarter, both player’s roll off: the winner selects one of those table quarters.
At the end of each battle round, roll one D6 for the table quarter that has the biggest tally (if there is a tie, then roll for each of the tied table quarters). Add the current battle round number to the roll: on a 6+, each unit in that table quarter suffers D3 mortal wounds. Note that the same table quarter can be hit by multiple avalanches over the course of the battle.
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