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Edit an Abstract

An abstract is a summary of the key data points found in one or more related documents. Common document sets include loans, leases, management agreements, etc.
Key data points can either be linked or unlinked. Links allow you to connect an abstracted data point to its location within a document. Because some data points are not found in a document, we allow for users to input data without having to link it.
To get started, click on an Abstract and select the Edit button.
Select from the list of associated documents to start linking.
Click and drag your cursor over a section of the document and a dialog box will appear.
Within the dialog box, select the appropriate field from the dropdown list. Example: Square Feet.
Hint: you can also type in the field input box for faster search.
Now that you've selected a field, you will need to populate the field value.
Shortcut: use your left and right arrow keys to change document pages.
To delete only the highlight, click the red circular trash icon in the top right corner of the dialog box. You can delete the highlight and the field value by delete the field value in the input box and click save. To edit an existing field value, you can edit the field value in the input box and click save.
Not all abstract fields will be traceable to a location within the document. For these instances, you can create unlinked fields - a field value but no highlight.
Unlinked edits can be made by going to the individual abstract view, clicking edit and then selecting "No Document".
Want to print your doc?
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