Statement of Purpose

Hello, I am Abhijay Meshram and I am based out of Pune. I am pursuing a Master’s degree in New Media Design from NID and currently, I am placed in the final year of the course. Additionally, I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Design from Symbiosis, Pune. I have worked in the industry for a tenure of over four years as a User Experience Designer across multiple domains.

Over the term of four years in the industry, I have acquired experience as a UX designer from different brands including Persistent, Screenroot & Tata Elxsi. The scale of my projects spread across web applications, mobile applications, CRMs and SaaS products in various domains like fintech, banking, data security etc. Furthermore, I have worked on designing HMI for Indian Passenger Vehicles.

The ability of design to widen your scope of view with a necessity of empathy in tandem, particularly stirred my interest in design. These qualities not only improve us as a ‘designer’ but also causes oneself to develop as a person. It implicitly questions your rationality and emotional intelligence. As we are increasingly moving ahead with innovation, technology is translating into an essential piece of our everyday lives. As more individuals progress toward technology, the need to interact with the new digital mediums with people becomes critical. As a designer, I have a firm belief that we have a key role to play and an opportunity to create a significant impact.

With my career in perspective, I am motivated to pursue roles and challenges that directly involves an amalgamation of human and technology. My interests are specifically inclined towards resolving problems with design.

Abhijay Meshram,

New Media Design

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