Many atimes in past to present day times, women have been seen as husbands and fathers in the community. What do I need to do within my capacity, opportunities to take advance of opportunities,in community engagements and corporate social responsibilities in the various communities.Private sector, public sector, social change,innovations,leadership and developments.Personality and oriented research as an issue advocate, fact tracker, honest broker of policy alternatives, current donors, social inclusion towards problem solving taking into consideration political instability and accessibility, poor infrastructure,cost,sampling,violence and security.
In an experience, what are the factors that have contributed to health, security and educational disparities respectively in the access and delivery of services from a community perspective, health and service delivery perspective. Some solutions you would recommend in the gaps and to promote service equity.
The study will, in addition, contribute to developing a management and methodology for assessing the overall impacts of daily general activities, present study aimed at integration and involvement of civil societies in the monitoring in association to management and development economic variables in Ghana. Research results and recommendations are important if effective resource, service delivery and sector reforms and viable monitoring programs are to be developed and implemented in Ghana.
1. To identify the effects of current needs verses future needs.
2. To identify the major role of the stakeholders in sustainability in community management.
3. To identify the medium of communicating management techniques/ systems.
4. To determine the response of fringe communities under sustainable resource management.
5. Follow and other analysis on household budgets.
By overcoming challenges, leaders and generally labour demonstrate their ability to solve and manage difficult situations in society. Although leadership challenges can be difficult, they are also an important part of the role. Benefits after overcoming leadership, challenges, improve their skills and abilities. Gain knowledge and experience that can help them in future roles. Become better managers and leaders. Learn how to manage difficult situations and people. The study will, in addition, contribute to developing an action to motivate community and labor force, sustainable management and methodology for assessing the overall impacts of legal trade, research extensions, future plans and social innovation in Ghana. The present study, therefore, aimed at the integration and involvement of civil societies in the monitoring under in association, management and other partners in Ghana. Research results and recommendations are important if effective natural resource sector reforms and viable monitoring programs are to be developed and implemented in Ghana.
The aim of this project is to establish the efficiency of security, responsibility, commitments, ethical, economic, and other legal responsibilities and current philanthropic/donor requirements, collaborations, gender and social inclusion and to suggest solutions toward associated problems solving.
This study would involve among others the following activities:
A purposive, questionnaire administration and convenience sampling techniques. This sampling technique were employed in order to gain access to leaders, members of community and town council leaders and associated organizations in the study area. Purposive sampling was useful for choosing both gender labour, individuals and specific group of workers in references areas because it usually aims at obtaining access to study subjects who are knowledgeable about the topic under investigation. Convenience sampling technique helped to select especially women for the in depth interviews due to the availability of women working at particular areas visited, flexibility of recruitment and their willingness to partake in the study after their consent sought.
Qualitative interviews, focus group discussions and personal observations were employed to collect empirical data for the broader study. However, the empirical analysis focused on the interviews and the personal observations. In depth interviews were used to obtain firsthand information on the local gender dynamics and power. Different semi structured interview guides were used for the broader study.
Entire populace in Ghana especially referenced community for study.
Increase their understanding of organizational structure and dynamics. Develop strategies for dealing with change. Improve their problem-solving skills. Enhance their communication skills. Gain a better understanding of employee motivation and techniques. Strengthen their ability to work under pressure. Discover your strengths and unlock your potential with external challenges occur outside of an organization and can be challenging to manage. They include budgetary restrictions, changing market conditions, and political instability. Internal challenges occur within an organizations and are usually related to its structure or personnel which can include a lack of communication, a conflict between employees, or departmental silos. Both types of challenges can present a significant obstacle for leaders. However, by being aware of them and preparing ways to overcome them, leaders can maintain focus on their goals and the people they lead.
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