Is Hair Loss After Hair Transplant Normal?

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Hair loss is one of the common functions of the body. Thus, it is normal to have hair loss. According to the report, around 60% of men and 50% of women are facing hair loss problems. However, you cannot assume the shedding before and after hair transplantation surgery is the same.
According to several doctors who provide and even other locations, hair shedding is normal after undergoing the procedure of hair transplantation. You may also call it a way of your body responding to the pain or trauma obtained during a hair transplant surgical procedure. The shedding of hair post operation is also known as Shock Loss.
Patients are expected to have shedding of the hair grafts between 1-5 weeks post hair transplant surgery and it might continue for a first few months. However, patients can feel assured that their new hair will eventually grow back again.
Hence, it is evident that hair loss post hair transplant surgical procedure is a common occurrence to experience among patients.

Why is Hair Loss Normal After Hair Transplant?

Hair shedding or shock loss is a normal part of the hair restoration treatment and it does not show any sign of permanent hair loss. You can not ignore it, even though it is temporary. It will eventually take time to grow new hair.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal for transplanted hair to lose after two to eight weeks of surgery.

In What Cases Does Hair Loss Can Occur?

Hair loss can occur due to hormonal changes, heredity, aging, and medical side effects. It is normal in men as compared to women. Moreover, Baldness is also a hair loss problem but it occurs due to excessive loss of hair.


Do you know that there is a hormone that causes hair fall? A hormone called DHT causes hair follicles to narrow down the area of growth of hair strands. Gradually, they reduce or stop the growth of new hair and it can be described by the miniaturization of scalp hairs, where thick hairs are substituted by thinner hairs. This is a normal type of hair loss that occurred in men.

How to avoid hair loss after hair transplant surgery?

Shock or hair shedding has reduced the growth of your hair. In this case, you can avoid it by following the steps we are providing to:

1. Medication

Minoxidil is a good option and you can consult your dermatologist before using it. It helps to improve your hair growth and strengthens the base of hair follicles and you can see visible changes in 4-6 months.

2. Camouflaging

You can use cosmetic camouflaging products which help you to hide the hair-loss regions of your head. It can be possible by using a wig, or any other type of camouflaging product.

3. Timing and Size

For avoiding hair loss, you can consider another option which is Hair Regeneration which can help to postpone the time and size or volume of the hair loss until it has been controlled by using this therapy.


In this article, we have talked about hair transplants and hope you got an idea of what to do with hair loss after surgery. For better results, you can follow all the information provided and also consider hair transplant surgery in Bangalore. If in case, you are facing serious problems regarding your hair loss then you can consider other hair transplantation clinics in Bangalore.
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