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ADGI (Ad General Intelligence)


Launch a simple AI tool and have fun exploring new tech and ways of open async collaboration.


For a Product Marketer who wants to test different value propositions using Facebook ads, additional effort is needed to write ad copy and create ad images for their Facebook campaign.


Provide different ad versions to the User automatically, after they input:
Product name and description
Target audience
Value propositions to test

Focus on Facebook ads format, where each ad has a Headline, Main Text, Description (often not shown), CTA text (chosen from a set of defaults), and an image.
We can use ChatGPT and DALL·E to generate different ad versions.


Jeff: Build a prototype using using no-code tools and OpenAI APIs. Help with design where needed.
Aleks: Provide and test use cases. Document and share the process publicly. Help with tech where needed.
Daria: Creatives, design, marketing insights.


User Flow (updated Nov 3)

Visit the website and see a simple landing page, pitching the app/solution for generating Facebook ad ideas, with input fields displayed immediately on the page
Enter information to give context for generating ads. Input fields:
Product name: (e.g. Fooddoggo)
Describe your product. (Mention unique selling points, e.g. Organic, nutrient-dense god food, sourced from local ingredients.)
Describe the customer you’re targeting (Mention details, e.g. Sustainability and health conscious dog owners in Austin, Texas.)
Value proposition (What might customers want to achieve with your product? e.g. Keep their dog healthy and brag to their friends.)
Click “Generate Ad”
View the generated ad(s), 1-3 by default
Click “Refresh / Generate more” to generate new ideas

Thoughts / Suggestions:
Reduce critical path: Assume user KNOWS the value proposition they want to target. (If they need suggestions, we can enable later as an add-on feature.)
Reduce API load: Assume the user has images of their product already. (IF they also want an image generated, ad as an add-on feature later - potentially behind a paywall)

User Persona

Product Marketer: Need to write ad copy and create ad images for their Facebook campaign to test value propositions and effectively promote and sell their products.

User Stories

// TBD

Progress / Screenshots

Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 16.29.16.png


Kickstart and see what’s possible
Define the backend/API flow
Organize ourselves and publish progress (try Coda)
Iterate on the prototype until we’re happy with the outputs
Build end-to-end user flow (MVP version)
Allow end-to-end user flow in a clickable form for the end user
Design and build landing page and user pages
Test and polish
Track visits, get feedback and improve
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Discussions, Open Questions, TODOs

October 28, 2023


What is the scope of design? → Focus on very simple page first, that works, and looks alright.
Shall we propose value propositions?
Two flows
(WINNER) User KNOWS value propositions they want to test
User doesn’t know about the value propositions they want to test, so they need suggestions
How will we protect ourselves from scammers? (TBD)


Optimize prompts until we’re happy with the outputs
@Jeff Buzulencia
Tweak prompts and test results
@Jeff Buzulencia
Add “main text” to ad results
@Jeff Buzulencia
Add description to ad results
@Jeff Buzulencia
Research best practices (also find examples) and test results
@Aleksandar Abu Samra
Add structure for to follow the critical path
@Aleksandar Abu Samra
Add copy to the page to explain what the tool is doing
@Daria Ridjosic
@Aleksandar Abu Samra
(later) Display multiple versions of images/copy
@Jeff Buzulencia
Design the 1-page app based on the current prototype

Name Brainstorming

AI Ad Creator -
Instant ads - ,
Instant Value Prop
Value Prop
Value Prop Tool
MVP Ad Generator - , , ...
Value Proposition Butler
Value Prop Butler
Value Proposition Ad Generator
Value Proposition Bot
ADGI (Ad General Intelligence) - and others available

Backburner Items

Option for a video instead of image
Option for text over image


Drafts / Unsorted

Testing GPT, Dec 11


Copywriting is not bad!
Images use branded images like Facebook logo! 🚨
Good copy. Images are not bad also. Perhaps better if they were a bit simpler?

Testing GPT, Dec 8

Test #1 Product name: Smoothie Description: A web3 digital sticker profile, where users can showcase interests via NFT stickers on our digital canvas. Users can print physical QR stickers to showcase on their gadgets. Audience: People who love putting stickers on their laptops ​Value prop: Share interests with other people, online and in the real world

Testing, Nov 3

LaptopFriendly / venue owners
LaptopFriendly / nomads
LaptopFriendly / freelancers
LaptopFriendly / business people
Smoothie / sticker users
Audience: People who love putting stickers on their laptops
Product name: Smoothie
Description: A web3 digital sticker profile, where users can showcase interests via NFT stickers on our digital canvas. Users can print physical QR stickers to showcase on their gadgets.
Value prop: Share interests with other people, online and in the real world
Ad Result #1: "Join Our Sticker-Loving Community! Connect, Share, and Meet Up to Celebrate Your Passion for Unique Laptop Flair. Click Here to Stick with Us!"
Ad Result #2: Join Our Sticker Enthusiast Community Now!
Smoothie / conference attendees
Conference directory app / conference attendees
Conference directory app / conference hosts
Now page / techies
Audience: People in tech
Product name: MyNow
Description: A simple page to show your friends what you’re doing in life right now. Updated once a month.
Value prop #1: Stay in the loop with friends
Ad Result: "Join Now to Connect with Tech Enthusiasts"
Value prop #2: Keep on top of important life events of their friends, without being overwhelmed by social media like Twitter or Instagram updates.
Ad Result #2: "Stay Connected, Stay Informed. Tap into the world of friends minus the noise. Click here to simplify your digital social life now!"
Now page / non-techies
Now page / conference attendees
Cat food / cat owners in Istanbul
Cat food / tourists in Istanbul
Audience: Tourists in Istanbul who love cats
Product name: Catbul Delux
Product description: Healthy and sustainably produced cat food
Value props:
1. Provides premium quality cat food that promotes the health and well-being of cats
2. Made from sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a low carbon footprint
3. Supports the local cat population by donating a portion of profits to cat shelters and rescue organizations
4. Convenient packaging that is travel-friendly, perfect for tourists on the go
5. Provides a unique cultural experience by showcasing traditional Turkish flavors in cat food
6. Ensures peace of mind for cat owners by offering a transparent and traceable supply chain
7. Offers a variety of flavors and specialized formulas to cater to different dietary needs of cats
8. Supports small, local businesses by partnering with independent cat food producers in Istanbul
Cat food / Zuzalu conference attendees in Istanbul
Audience: Zuzalu conference attendees in Istanbul
Product name: zkCat Delux
Product description: Zero-knowledge food for your cat that will always keep your pet secure from security attacks
Value props:
Provide peace of mind knowing that your cat is protected from security attacks
Zero-knowledge formulation ensures the highest level of privacy and security for your cat's food
Specially designed for your cat's unique nutritional needs, promoting optimal health
Premium quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers
Convenient and easy to feed, saving you time and effort
Support sustainability with eco-friendly packaging
Trusted and recommended by veterinarians for a happy and healthy cat
Checked (1)
"Secure Your Cat's Safety Now!"
Checked (ALL)
Error due to server
Checked (1-2)
"Secure your cat's food safety now towards the highest level of privacy! Zuzalu conference attendees in Istanbul, don't miss out on our zero-knowledge formulation. Click here to start safeguarding your pet's nutrition today!"

Reduce critical path: User should input ONE value proposition.
Reduce API load: Output without images (add behind paywall?)

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