1build product roadmap

Learn about our latest product updates and upcoming releases.

⭐ Latest product updates

October 2021

Intuitive takeoff-to-estimate connection

We’ve created the industry’s most intuitive integration between takeoffs and estimates. Simply click on a cell inside our interactive estimate and pull in a takeoff quantity from the side panel. Need to make some calculations? Type mathematical operators directly into the cell and see your values update in real time. No more messy spreadsheets or going back and forth between multiple tools.

Estimate+takeoff connection.png

Localized cost data

Localized cost data can now be accessed right inside your interactive estimate with just a few clicks. We’ve enabled cost data navigation by county, as well as by state and national average.

Localized cost data.png

Pre-built templates and groups

You can now access a library of pre-built templates (also called “Groups”) that enable you to put together estimates on the fly. We’ve compiled a real-time costs library that enables creation of fast estimates for most residential builds.

September 2021

Interactive estimate with spreadsheet functionality

Builders can now create digital interactive estimates using our updated estimate builder. We’ve introduced an estimating engine that looks and feels like a spreadsheet but has the accuracy and stability of a modern software product.

🗓️ Upcoming product updates

Mobile-optimized estimate editor

Access your interactive estimate on a mobile device. Whether at home or in the field, you can create estimates on the fly with a smartphone or tablet and bid on more jobs more quickly.

Digital proposals and enhanced PDF / Excel export

Create beautiful, detailed, professional proposals that will make you stand out among your competition. Add a logo, your company’s contact information, and preferred level of detail you’re willing to display. In addition to Excel and PDF formats, you can share with your clients as digital links that can update dynamically as you change the estimate.
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