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Welcome to the Coquitlam Cheetahs Information Page. Here you will find information about the Coquitlam Cheetahs, a track and field club located in Coquitlam, British Columbia. The club was established in 1976 and has since provided opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to train and compete in track and field events.


A club's success is based on the participation and engagement of its members.The following are mandatory for those athletes participating in the program who hope to be successful:

Athletes Responsibilities

To attend training sessions regularly and punctually
To prepare mentally and physically to achieve the maximum level of performance
To enter as many track meets as possible
To wear the Club's uniform at all times when competing
To sign up, in the equipment shed, for the events they intend to compete in, well in advance of the intended meet
To keep a record of their results from each track and field meet (use Track Meet Record Keeping form located in Reference section)
To conduct themselves in such as manner as to be a credit to themselves and the club, and to adhere to the BC Athletics Code of Conduct for Athletes
To participate in fund-raising activities sponsored by the club
To assist at all track meets sponsored by the Coquitlam Cheetahs Track and Field Club to the fullest extent possible

Parents Responsibilities

Parent's involvement is vital to the success of this program and participation is expected in the following areas:
To give encouragement and support to all athletes
To ensure that athletes are at training sessions on time
To ensure that athletes attend all meets and be at the event location at least one hour before the start of their event
To assist with coaching
To assist in organizing and supporting club fund-raising activities
To participate in the administrative aspects of the club
To assist by officiating at Cheetahs sponsored meets and, when requested, at meets put on by other clubs
To attend and participate in club organized training clinics
To attend Annual General Meetings
To pay all late registration fees and fees for extra events
To regularly check the bulletin board at the track clubhouse and website for news, events and other important club activities
To adhere to the BC Athletics Code of Conduct for Volunteers


Please remember to bring any empty bottles, cans and other plastic recycling to the clubhouse or drop off directly at the Biggar Bottle Depot located on 2577 Kingsway Avenue in Port Coquitlam. Remember to request the funds to be credited to the Coquitlam Cheetahs Track and Field Club.


Annual Schedule of Activities
The table below provides an annual overview of when our main activities and training take place. Exact times and locations will be posted on the homepage of our website and on other pages (e.g., practice schedule, etc.) when known.

NOTE: Our annual schedule of activities can be found at the bottom of this section

Schedule of Activites

January 1

Registration due for university athletes and all athletes who are training year round

Mid February

Annual General Meeting and initial registration date for new or returning Junior Development athletes

March Spring Break

Training camp for athletes 16 and up

Early April

Junior Development (JD) program, ages 9 to 13, training begins; registration required


Various competitions across the Lower Mainland on weekends

Second Weekend of June

Coquitlam Cheetahs Jessie Bent Memorial Track and Field Meet (volunteering required)

Late June

Canadian Championships for Senior Athletes

Mid July

JD Provincial Championships; JD training ends

Mid July

Provincial Track and Field Championships (ages 14 and up)

Early September

Cross-country training begins

Early September

Base training begins for grade eight and older athletes


Lower Mainland cross-country competitions on weekends

Late October

B.C. Cross-Country Championships (all ages); cross-country training for JD athletes ends

Late November

Coquitlam Cheetahs Awards Banquet
There are no rows in this table


The list below provides links to past meets held or hosted by the Coquitlam Cheetahs and the results from those events.

Current Year

No Cheetah meet in 2023 - Track Renovation

Previous Years

2022 June - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet Results PDF File (and Meet Information, Event Schedule, and Performance List)
2019 June - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet Results PDF File (and , [updated 2019 05 12], and )
2018 July - BCA Championships Jamboree (Senior, Junior, Youth, Midget) (and , , and )
2018 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , and )
2017 07 - BCA Championships Jamboree (Senior, Youth, Midget) (and , , and )
2017 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , and )
2016 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , , and )
2015 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet and Western Canada Games Trials [Updated 2015 06 20 with corrected wind readings] (and , , and )
2014 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , , )
2013 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet and Canada Games Trials *, , (and , , -- will display correctly when downloaded, and ) [*Updated 2013 06 13]
2012 07 - BCA Championships Jamboree (Senior, Junior, Youth, Midget) *, (and , , , ) [*Updated 2012 07 25]
2012 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , , and )
2011 07 - BCA Championships Jamboree (Senior, Junior, Youth, Midget) (and , , , , and ) [*Updated 2011 07 24 to reflect athlete year of birth in tables]
2011 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet Results , , or (and , , , and )
2010 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , , and )
2009 07 - BCJD Pentahlon Meet (and , )
2009 06 - Jesse Bent Memorial Cheetah Meet (and , , , )


Coquitlam Cheetah Records

Note: We have begun a process to present a historical list of Cheetah performances. Please send us details of results we are missing. It is particularly difficult to find results prior to 2000. Our goal is to have a top ten in every event.

Annual Club Awards and Junior Development Crest Recipients

Every year at the annual club banquet, awards are presented to club athletes to recognize their efforts and performance.
2022 (Coming Soon)
2019 Club Award Recipient
2018 Club Award Recipient
2017 Club Award Recipient
2016 Club Award Recipient
2015 Club Award Recipient
2014 Club Award Recipient
2013 Club Award Recipient
2012 Club Award Recipient
2011 Club Award Recipient
2010 Club Award Recipient
2009 Club Award Recipient

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