4 Types of In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing means using the internet to promote products and services. This type of marketing is cheaper, has more reach than physical marketing, and requires fewer resources. As a result, the growth of digital marketing has been exponential in recent years, which has led to a boom in the number of job openings in the field.
Digital marketing jobs are creative and rewarding, with high pay scales and growth opportunities. This article shows several in-demand jobs in digital marketing. These jobs have shown a significant rise in demand for the past five years.

1. Copywriter

Copywriting has a significant job market share in digital marketing. It is a form of writing which primarily helps drive sales and traffic for a company's website. The writings of a copywriter can be used for website landing pages, sales pages, email marketing, and in any place where there is a requirement for driving customers to a physical store or a website.
As a result, copywriters have always been in demand, and their salary packages are among the highest for digital marketing freshers.

What Skills Should You Have

There are six skills that every copywriter must possess. These include writing, reading comprehension, research, creativity, time management, and technical expertise. As the job role is for writing, candidates are expected to have sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
Candidates should also be able to comprehend the language quickly and efficiently.
They should be highly creative with words and know where to place the words correctly to help drive traffic.
As copywriting is a work that comes with strict deadlines, candidates should be able to manage their time efficiently, and they should also have sound knowledge of different software like plagiarism checkers, language processors, etc.

Average Salary

The average base salary of copywriters in the USA is roughly annually. On the other hand, copywriters in India earn between
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2. Social Media Marketer

Social media is one of the best ways to relieve stress for many after a stressful day at work. It is also one of the best places to start with digital marketing due to its high growth potential in the future and incredible reach. Statistics show that in 2023 around 4.9 billion people worldwide are on social media platforms, which may increase to 5,85 billion by 2027.
The market of social media platforms generated an incredible 49.09 billion dollars in 2022. Facebook was the social media platform with the most active users (2.9 million monthly). Thus, all companies wishing to be famous on social media platforms require qualified marketers.

What Skills Should You Have

The seven most important skills social media marketers require are communication, creativity, writing ability, content curation, project management, learning aptitude, marketing knowledge, and flexibility. Verbal and written communication and creativity are the most essential skills for any social media marketer.
They need to connect the company emotionally with potential customers using their writing, content curation, and creativity skills.
Social media marketers should also know how to handle a project efficiently and deliver the work on time with appropriate results. They should also be hungry to learn more since the social media landscape and algorithms are constantly changing. These people should also have flexibility in their work and know how to curate great content that fits well with the target audience.

Average Salary

The average salary of a social media marketer in the USA is roughly . On the other hand, the salary range in India is between .

3. SEO Specialist and Analyst

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing a website or web page to drive more traffic from the internet. SEO has nothing to do with converting the incoming traffic into buying customers. Although SEO analysis and keyword placement have been automated, there is still a need for human creativity and indulgence.
For this reason, SEO specialists and analysts are required by digital marketing agencies and companies. SEO analyst helps find the best keywords with the highest reach and low competition, while specialists have comprehensive knowledge and skills in SEO.
The need for well-qualified SEO specialists and analysts is constantly rising due to more and more digitization happening worldwide.

What Skills Should You Have

SEO analysts and specialists require four essential skills: communication, analysis, time management, and research. Written and oral communication is the cornerstone of any digital marketing job. In addition, the analysis of large data sets and the ability to work with Excel sheets and derive tangible intelligence from them is required by SEO analysts and specialists.
They also require excellent organizational and time management skills to help prioritize which work has to be done first and efficiently to finish the work in time. There is also a requirement for proper research skills and great attention to detail to excel in the SEO analyst or specialist role.

Average Salary

The average SEO analyst's salary in the USA is around annually, while an average SEO specialist in the USA earns roughly annually. On the other hand, an average Indian SEO specialist earns between , while an SEO analyst earns between .

4. PPC Specialists

PPC is the abbreviated form of Pay per click. It is a type of advertisement process in which the advertiser has to pay for every click on the advertisement by viewers on the internet. Google Ads is the most used platform for creating online banners, images, and video ads. These ads are cost-effective and have a humongous reach if used for a long time.
The rate of return using PPC can be very high depending on the usefulness and the trend of the product or service. Therefore, there is always a requirement for excellent PPC specialists who have great domain knowledge and are eager to learn and earn. The salaries in this role are highly competitive too.

What Skills Should You Have

Excellent domain knowledge, good knowledge of MS Excel or Google Sheets, analytical skills, mathematical ability, creative thinking, and attention to detail are critical skills required to excel as a PPC specialist. Domain knowledge and excellent communication are essential in any digital marketing job profile.
PPC specialists should know advanced use of MS Excel and have excellent analytical and mathematical skills to deal with complex situations related to the rate of return, bidding prices, etc.

Average Salary

The median salary of a PPC specialist is around , while in India, the salary is between .
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