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Welcome to the official documentation for NearVanilla’s Official Modpack. This documentation aims to guide you through the following:
Downloading and Installing the correct version of Java.
Using Prism Launcher to download and install the Modpack.
How to customize the pack to your liking.

Downloading & Installing Java

It's possible that your Minecraft is using an outdated Java version, which isn't optimally compatible with all Minecraft versions above 1.17. To run NearVanilla’s Official Modpack, you are required to use Java 17.

This section of the guide will walk you through how you can check if you have the appropriate Java version installed. If you find that you are not running the correct version of Java, do not worry! This section will also walk you through how to download and install Java 17 on your system.

How to check if you have Java 17

Windows: Press the windows button, and use the search function to look up Command Prompt. Once the command prompt is open, type in java -version , this will show you your current java version.
macOS: Press the magnifying glass on the menu bar, and use it to look up terminal. Once the terminal is open, type in java -version , this will show you your current java version.
Linux: Open up the terminal and type in the command java -version , this will show you your current java version.

How to Download Java 17

Note: If you are using a Linux-based system, SDKMAN! is required. You can install it through this link:

Open up your browser and go to .
On the left-hand side, you will see a few options for downloading. Please click on the Other platforms and versions button.
You will be presented with a screen that shows you these selection boxes:
In the Operating system box, you should select your current operating system.
In the Architecture box, you should select x64.
In the Package Type box, you should select JRE.
In the version box, you should select 17 -LTS.
It will now show you the version that is best suited for your system, which you can proceed to download.
Note: For Windows and macOS, it will show you two options. If you are on Windows, you should download the .msi file, and if you are on macOS, you should download the .tar.gz file.

How to Install Java 17

On Windows and macOS
Navigate to your downloads. Once there, click on the recently installed Java file.
Go through the installation process. You can press next on each window, since nothing will have to be changed.

On Linux
Open the terminal and run the command: sdk install java 17.0.9-tem .
Once that is done, run the command: java -version, to verify that Java 17 has been installed.

At this stage, Java 17 should now be installed on your system.

Installing the Modpack through Prism Launcher

To install the Modpack, the guide is going to assume that you have the Prism Launcher. If you are already familiar with this launcher, please skip to the 4th step. If you are not, please follow this guide in order to download and install the Prism Launcher, to then install the Modpack:
To get started with installing the Modpack through the Prism Launcher, you're going to need to install the Prism launcher. Please go to the website.
Once you're on the Prism Launcher website, you're going to see a button that says Download Now. Upon clicking that button, you will be presented with a few options. Please select the operating system you're on, and then select the Installer (.exe) option.
Once you have installed the Prism Launcher, please open it. It will then ask you to login. Please login with your Microsoft account.
You will be presented with a menu that asks you to select a Java version. On your left, there will be an entry with a star icon next to it, indicating the recommended Java version. Please select that, then click continue.
Now that you have logged in with your Microsoft account, and selected the recommended Java version. You will see an "Add Instance" button in the top left of your screen. Please click the button. Once you have clicked the button, name the instance anything you would like, and then click the "Import" button. After clicking the button, please select the file of the mod pack you have just downloaded, and then click “Ok”.
After you have completed all the steps, click on the instance you have just created. On the right side of your screen, you will see a button labeled "Launch". Simply click this button to launch the game!

NOTE: Do not use a Cracked Account to follow this guide. The use of a Cracked Account is considered piracy, which the authors, as well as the NearVanilla Staff Team, strongly discourage. Please support Mojang and buy a genuine copy of .

Customizing the Modpack

After you have imported the Modpack, it may be that you want to add some of your own mods to the list, to personalize the experience even further. Please follow the steps below in order to simplify the process of installing other mods:
With the instance selected within the Main Window of the Prism Launcher, select the Edit button, located on the right-hand side of the window.
A new window will appear, upon completing the previous step. In this window, you will need to select the Mods tab from the sidebar.
You will then be presented with a list of mods for your particular instance. To use Prism Launcher to download your mods, select the Download Mods button.
Within the new Download Mods window that will appear, search for and select the mods you desire. When you have finished, click the Review and Confirm button.
Ensure that the list of mods that you have downloaded is correct. Once this is done, click the OK button and your mods will begin downloading.
Once this process has completed, your other mods will then be installed and you may begin playing!

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