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December 2021
Full coverage dark mode on mobile
When dark mode is enabled, iOS and Android no longer have white bars at the top and bottom of the screen.
Mobile Improvements.png
A more flexible mobile cursor
It is now possible to place the cursor at the beginning of a line on iOS by tapping in the left-hand margin or at the beginning of the first word.
Mobile Improvements.png
Better doc search navigation on mobile
The search box at the top of the home screen is now wider and doesn’t truncate the placeholder text.
Mobile Improvements.png
Stay logged in on mobile
You will no longer be logged out of the Coda iOS app unless you opt to log out or your account has no activity for 30 days.
Mobile Improvements.png
November 2021
Icons and shortcuts on Doc list
The Doc list home now has icons for a clearer design as well as a “My Shortcuts” section
Rename docs from doc list
You can finally rename docs without opening them — simply choose “Rename” while viewing doc options on the doc list.
Doc list rename.gif
Update last modified data for doc copies
After copying a doc, your doc list will show the name of the user who copied the doc, and the time they copied it.
Last Modified Copy.png
Adding a blank table is more intuitive
We updated the blank table icon and description to help it standout when inserting a new table.
New table.png
Hide time stamps when using date and time
Remove the need to preview the time when adding a property for tracking created or modified dates in a table by selecting none under the time format.
Last Modified Copy.png
Quickly locate a column formula
Double-click in a cell and redirect to a column formula for faster editing.
Jump to column formula.gif
Filter columns with summarized data 5x faster
We calculate the summary value after you filter a column. This makes filtering speed on summarized columns 4-5x faster.
Before After Performance Update.gif
September 2021
Updated Workspace and Doc List
The “Coda Home” got a renovation, including the ability to collapse, expand, and switch between workspaces.
Salesforce Pack (beta)
Connect your pipeline, opportunities, and account data to Coda for a complete single source of truth.
PRD-21014-Product Launch 091521_Salesforce Pack GIF (2).gif
Okta Pack
Enterprise workspaces can now bring the power of Okta into any Coda doc to create an all-in-one hub for their day-to-day employee access and identity management needs.
Improved metadata & unfurling for published docs
Metadata is now provided for sub-pages in published docs, so that links unfurl for the specific page shared.
Page unfurls.gif
August 2021
Advanced search operators for Doc List & Gallery
Advanced search syntax and boolean operators can now be used when searching your Doc List and the Gallery.
Advanced search.gif
Updates to row detail layouts
Expanded rows and Detail views have a new interface, where images columns render as header images, and display columns as headings. Want to add a column from this view? We added that in too!
PRD-21013-Item Layouts Update.gif
Faster image loading
We’ve updated our image delivery service resulting in header images, images on the page canvas, and images in table loading up to 60% faster.
Image load improvements.png
Frozen columns
Retain important context as you scroll through large tables by “freezing” up to three of your left-most columns.
PRD-21012-Frozen Columns.gif
Easier page navigation
You can now click on any page icon to navigate to that page—just like you would the page title. Need to edit an icon? Just double-click it.
Page Icon Clicks.gif
More consistent right-click behavior
We’ve updated click behavior so that hovering over a link presents the option to edit it, holding
while clicking opens the link in a new tab, and right clicking opens a menu that lets you choose either of those actions (plus a few more).
Link click behavior new (1).gif
Color scale maximum and minimum values
Set a minimum and maximum value for your scale to accommodate outliers.
Max Min CF.png
Search for and set ‘blank’ in People columns
Search for “
” to reset a people value just as you’d search for any other name.
Blank people.gif
Toggle autocomplete for Text columns
Auto-complete is now set to “off” for Text columns; it can be toggled “on” in your text column settings.
Autofill suggestions.gif
Create button, scale, slider & control columns from the Explore panel
Drag items from the Explore panel into your table to automatically set the column type.
Add buttons explore.gif
Custom precision for the
Select whether the output of the
formula rounds to seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
Now precision.gif
Show hidden table names on hover
Hover over the 3-dot ‘kebab’ menu next to the top of a table with a hidden title to see its name.
Show table title.gif
Better enumeration of duplicated tables
We’ve updated the behavior for pasting tables with unlinked duplicate data, so that the number increments by 1 each time.
Duplicate data increment.gif
"Quiet Mode”
Hide your collaborators’ cursor activity to help focus while working with your team.
Quiet mode.gif
Persistent doc unlocking
For users on the Team and Enterprise plans, docs remain unlocked as you navigate between pages until you lock them again—or until 10 minutes of inactivity, whichever comes first
Locking new.gif
Comment thread links
Quickly get a link to any comment thread from any message in the thread.
Link to comment threads.gif
Updates to the Slack Pack for Coda
We’ve updated the Slack Pack to accommodate updates to the Slack API. You can once again use the “Join Channel” action, in addition to accessing a Packs table of active, public Slack Channels, and the Message formula displays Channel and User Group mentions properly again.
Join Channel.png
July 2021
Coda Admin Audit API
Coda’s newest API supports auditing activities via an event log for all enterprise workspaces.
Coda app for Zoom meetings
The Coda app for Zoom lets you quickly gauge attendee sentiment, take a vote, prioritize Q&A topics, and moreーall in the familiar surface of a doc.
Improvements to JSON snapshots
After addressing opportunities to de-duplicate data in our systems, and prioritizing loading of doc content, we’re going deeper into our code base to unlock greater data storage and calculation efficiencies that make your docs faster.
Snapshot improvements.png
Improvements to PDFs
You can now export more ranges of content to PDF, and choose the orientation and paper size of the export.
July PDF Improvements.gif
Visual updates: Coda color refresh
We’ve refreshed colors in the core Coda interface, helping links look more recognizable and your content (especially buttons!) stand out even more.
New blue.png
Even faster column management
We’ve made it faster and easier to change column types in your tables.
Column type switcher 2_sm.gif
More Gallery categories
We’ve added more categories to the Gallery so that you can find the docs and content that are most relevant to you.
New categories.png
Publish to multiple categories
When publishing to the Gallery, you can now tag your docs with up to five relevant categories.
Add multiple categories.gif
June 2021
Improved formula guidance
We’ve updated our formula building experience to include better warnings for common errors that can negatively impact your doc performance
Incorrect column formula help.gif
Updates to Coda’s site navigation
A new header and footer make it easier to find resources and inspiration while making.
New paragraph style picker
We’ve reformatted the paragraph style picker in the inline toolbar to take up less space so you can see more of your doc while formatting.
Paragraph Style Picker.png
May 2021
Multi-page drag-and-drop templates
Whether your custom template is a button, a simple table, or a multi-page system, your teammates can now drop it into any doc they’re editing.
Remove comments and page authors from doc copies
A new option when copying a doc allows you to remove the original doc’s comments and authors to give you a fresh version.
Purge Comments and Authors.gif
Improvements for copying Cross-doc tables
We’ve automated authentication for copies of Cross-doc tables for users who have access to the data in the original version, and made it clearer when you need to take action for users who don’t have access.
Cross-doc improvements.gif
Mention to share
Invite anyone to your doc by typing ‘@’ anywhere in a doc.
Mention to Share After.gif
Disable doc copy
A new sharing setting that disables the ability for editors, viewers, and commenters to copy your doc. This also disables the ‘Copy Doc’ button for published docs.
More improvements to doc load times via Partial Loading
The most important parts of your docs now load in priority order, resulting in large docs loading up to 60% faster.
Partial Loading.png
April 2021
Redesigned doc header & tool bar to make more space for your doc
Coda docs now have even more space for your content, with a new, contextual toolbar that only shows up when you need it.
Improvements to published doc speed
Discoverable docs in the Doc Gallery have seen an average of >50% improvement in load time and performance in the past six months.
Discoverable Published Doc LCP.png
Color scales
A conditional format to auto-shade cells along a color gradient based on their value.
Color Scale.gif
Larger formula builder
Expand the formula builder into a larger composer, with the ability to auto-indent and quickly access Coda’s formula library.
Formula preview
You can now preview the objects you reference in your formulas. You can get more information about the referenced object by clicking into the preview’s links.
Custom templates
Create your own custom template, accessible via the new doc dialog, Explore panel, drag-and-drop from the Explore panel, or / command.
Set control value action
A new action for buttons and automations that allows you to set (or reset) default values for controls, in many cases saving many steps of interaction to arrive at a default view of your data.
Set Control Value.gif
Images & files in comments
Comments now support attachments, so you include the information your team needs in the file type they need it.
Comment Attachments.gif
Comment number indicators
We’ve updated the comments icon to show how many comments are in a single thread.
Comment Number.gif
Condensed comments
Longer comments show a ‘Show more’ option to expand instead of taking up valuable doc real estate for viewers.
Show More Comments.gif
Easier comment composition
adds a new line to your comments instead of sending them. Use
(PC) or
(Mac) to send, or click the “Send” button.
Comment compose.gif
Comment performance improvements
We’ve made improvements to make loading and scrolling through comments faster.
Comment compose.gif
Chrome extension: bookmarking
Bookmark any webpage into any Coda doc, straight from your browser.
March 2021
Kanban boards
Quickly transform any table into a kanban board, or add one directly by typing
on any page
Rename table title from table options menu
We’ve made it easier to find table titles in the table options menu, and now you can click the title to edit it directly from the menu.
Table Title Updates.gif
Show or hide table title from table options menu
An additional new location to manage the visbility of your table title.
Table Title Updates.gif
Drag-and-drop detail view
You can now re-order data in detail views with left navigation via drag-and-drop.
Drag and Drop Detail.gif
Set duplicate page values
A new option to add a “Results” column when using the duplicate page action in a table, so that you can keep track of all your duplicates.
Duplicate Page Results.gif
ReverseList() Formula
Reverse the values in a list.
RandomInteger() Formula
Generate a random number within your min and max bounds.
RandomItem() Formula
Select a random item from a list.
Dark mode
Coda now supports dark mode. 😎
Dark Mode.gif
Even more performance improvements
Optimizations to a host of column types and controls to make them take up less space so their docs load faster. Among the optimized columns and controls this round: buttons, reactions, checkboxes, sliders, scales, files, images, and formulas.
March Performance Improvements.gif
Updated Row Trigger for Zapier
A new option to trigger a zap when a row is updated in Coda (not just when a new row is added)
Update Row Zap.png
Full-size PDF embeds
Attach PDFs to your Coda docs and, if desired, display them full size on the page.
PDF Embed.gif
February 2021
Continued performance optimizations
We’ve further optimized data encoding and column types to reduce median doc load time an additional 15%.
Performance February 2021.png
Add reactions to tables and pages to quickly get feedback, and add more interactivity to your docs.
Text control
Use a textbox to interact with and filter your data.
Search Table with Text Input.gif
Duplicate page action
The duplicate page action enables you to create buttons on your pages and in your tables that duplicate pages and subpages.
Duplicate Page.gif
Timeline charts with dependencies
Add dependencies to show when tasks require another to be completed in your timeline charts.
Add Dependencies.gif
Custom width for timeline charts
A new option to expand timeline charts beyond the standard page width for improved visual customization.
Fit v Full Timeline.gif
Custom panel size for timeline charts
Toggle the width of the left panel on timeline charts to show as little or as much text as you’d like.
Adjustable Width.gif
See your Coda page title in your browser tab
See your current page’s title, alongside doc title, in your browser tab
January 2021
Search with the Coda Chrome Extension
Search doc titles, page titles and doc text directly from the Google Chrome URL bar with our updated Chrome Extension.
Chrome Extension Search.gif
Easily duplicate columns
Quickly duplicate a column with its settings and values, or just with its settings.
Duplicate Column.gif
Pre-filled Form Fields
Makers can update URLs for published forms to pre-fill some or all of their fields.
Prefilled Forms.gif
December 2020
A new way to collect data to be reviewed, analyzed, and managed in Coda
You can now upload and embed attachments. Say hello to docs with PDFs, gifs, images, videos, and more ー all in one place.
Attachments Table.gif
Custom Chart Colors
You can now set custom colors for charts.
Custom Chart Colors.gif
Quick Column Formatting
Set a column’s text styling and text colors from the top formatting menu, and quickly configure conditional formats if desired.
Column Formats.gif
Conditional Format Pairs
In addition to custom color schemes, you can now quickly select some of the most common color combinations from the conditional formatting menu.
Conditional Formatting Updates.gif
Updates to the Conditional Formatting Menu
An update to the conditional formatting menu now allows you to add a rule to apply to ‘All Rows’ in order to format your entire table, and more quickly & easily delete individual conditional formatting rules.
All Rows and Delete.gif
An Updated Coda Color Palette
We’ve updated the color palette within Coda to make base colors bolder and higher contrast for easier viewing across devices.
Color Palette.png
The new
formula empowers you to reuse logic and create nested loops in your formulas.
November 2020
Coda Admin Dashboard
A new way for enterprise admins to manage users and access customizable activity reports.
Packs Approvals
Enterprise admins can now control which third-party Packs are accessible to users in their workspace.
gif_1b (1).gif
Publishing Analytics Doc
A new set of reports for Publishers to understand the performance of docs they publish to the world.
Pub Ana Overview.png
Google Analytics for Publishing
Quickly add sessions from published docs to your Google Analytics reporting.
Add GA.gif
Even Faster Docs
We’ve implemented a series of changes to improve the median doc load time by 25%
Fast Doc Load.gif
October 2020
GitLab Pack
Connect Coda to GitLab to manage merge requests, track issues, review commits and keep an eye on projects in your docs.
More Button Customization Options
In addition to a new shape, you can now choose from the full set of icons for your buttons, and size them as small, medium, or large.
Notion Importer
You can now import your Notion pages to Coda, unlocking API-supported capabilities, third-party packs, and publishing to
for all your work.
Notion Importer.gif
Coda Bot for Slack
Connect the Slack integration in your Coda settings to unlock comment notifications from Coda in Slack, easier sharing and @-mentioning to your Slack directory in Coda, and improved sharing and previews of docs directly in Slack.
More Cards Improvements
More image formatting options, and easier access to tools for managing the layout and grouping of your cards.
September 2020
Optional Aggregate Values for Charts
A new setting for chart views, that allows you to determine whether or not to aggregate y-axis values. This is especially helpful for bubble and scatter charts.
Aggregate Values.gif
Standard Deviation Formulas
Two new formulas for the statisticians among us: StandardDeviation() and StandardDeviationPopulation().
Cards 2.0
A new, more intuitive layout for cards, with richer features and improved interactions.
August 2020
Save a Page as PDF
Download an entire page as a PDF, directly from the Coda.
Page PDF.gif
Improvements to Search
We’ve indexed more of your docs’ contents to make it easier to search for them in your doc list and in the Doc Gallery.
Search Improvements.gif
Custom Profile Pictures
You can now upload a custom profile picture to give yourself a distinct identity in the Doc Gallery and when working in Coda with your teammates and collaborators.
Profile Picture.gif
July 2020
Improvements to Doc Load
We’ve made updates to how images load, canvas formulas calculate and the Coda UI renders to make docs load faster and with improved context.
Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.34.03 PM.png
Typeform Pack
Use Coda to review and analyze results from Typeform forms, or to generate an index of all of your forms.
Screen Recording 2020-07-21 at 10.25.50 AM.gif
Pronouns on Maker Profiles
You may now indicate your preferred pronouns on your Coda Maker Profile.
Image 2020-07-21 at 2.07.48 PM.png
Print a Single Page
A faster, cleaner and more discrete printing option from Coda.
Screen Recording 2020-07-12 at 12.26.38 PM.gif
Coda API v1
We’ve taken our API out of Beta and into broad availability.
Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 2.33.28 PM.png
Pinned Docs in Doc List
Users may “Pin” docs within a team folder so that the docs show at the top of the folder for everyone who accesses it
Better, Easier to use Tables
We’ve made visual updates to tables to make it easier and more intuitive to select, add, expand and rearrange content in tables.
Screen Recording 2020-07-09 at 02.40.49 PM.gif
Improvements to Headers for Grouped Tables
Header rows now remain visible as you scroll through grouped tables, ensuring your valuable context remains available.
Screen Recording 2020-07-09 at 08.58.03 AM.gif
New Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating Pages
New shortcuts to help you stay in your flow as you navigate within and beyond your pages. Learn more by opening up the Explore Panel > Learn > Keyboard Shortcuts.
Screen Recording 2020-07-06 at 04.50.16 PM.gif
Improvements to “All Docs” for Organizations
New users for existing organizations on Coda will now see the full list of docs that are available to them.
Avatars on Doc List
You can now see who is currently active (or has been active in the last 24 hours) in a doc from the doc list.
June 2020
Copy Doc Button
A new type of button that generates a copy of a doc.
Screen Recording 2020-06-24 at 09.08 AM.gif
Earn credit from your published docs
A new published doc setting that provides an opportunity to earn Coda credit for sign ups triggered from your docs.
Image 2020-06-23 at 10.32.21 AM.png
GSuite Directory Pack (Team+)
Teams on Team and Enterprise Coda plans can quickly build tables and tools using their G Suite directory, which includes names, emails and profile images.
image (2).png
Zoom Pack
Zoom now integrates with Coda to help you create, manage and review your videoconference meetings and webinars.
Image 2020-05-19 at 6.21.46 PM.png
Improvements to Role Management Settings for Paid Workspaces
A new, more flexible setting for admins to control who can be a Doc Maker in paid workspaces.
image (2).png
Clear Non-Referenced People for Copied Docs
You can now make sure users who copy your docs don’t inherit the people selection options from your tables and @-references.
Screen Recording 2020-06-15 at 03.43 PM.gif
Support for Duplicate Page Names
Pages and subpages can now have the same name within the same doc.
Screen Recording 2020-06-05 at 12.05 PM.gif
Unified @-mention Builder
Use the ‘@’ command to mention people, pages, tables and rows. We’ve also made performance and styling improvements to the @-mention builder including hover cards for page mentions.
Screen Recording 2020-06-05 at 12.22 PM.gif
Drag-and-drop Page Mentions
Drag a page or subpage from the page list into your typing surface to mention it.
Screen Recording 2020-06-05 at 12.54 PM.gif
New Doc Creation Options
We’ve made it easier to start your docs from commonly used templates or imports of your information from other tools.
Image 2020-06-11 at 10.17.55 AM.png
Share with your Google Contacts
Connect your Coda Account to Google Contacts to automatically suggest and complete your collaborators’ email addresses for faster & easier doc sharing.
Screen Recording 2020-05-29 at 02.56 PM.gif
May 2020
Workspace Folder Icons
You can now add icons to folders in your workspace, just like you do for pages and sub-pages in your docs.
Screen Recording 2020-05-20 at 02.09 PM.gif
Editable Published Doc URLs
You can now edit the URL of a published doc
publishing it.
Image 2020-05-19 at 5.40.02 PM.png
Package Delivery Service Drag-and-Drop Templates
Quickly insert tables for FedEx, UPS, USPS or all three services to track package status and other details.
Screen Recording 2020-05-12 at 09.18 AM.gif