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Health & Self-Improvement

Get it together. In a doc.

A weekly habit tracker

A weekly food and exercise habit tracker

Made by Hari


Your library in Coda.

Made by Hari

Did you do it today?

Track your habits. Don't break your streak!

Made by Jeremy

Family Immunization Log

Keep a handy log of your family's immunizations so that you don't have to rely on spelunking through fragmented or old paper medical records.

Made by Lane

Hal Higdon's Half-Marathon Training

A half-marathon training guide

Made by Joe

The Time That Is Given To Us - Life & Time Reflection

Have you measured your life in weeks?

Made by Kenny

Weight lifting planner

Change up your workout routine without having to guess the right weight for the reps.

Made by Matt

🎯 Goal-Tracking App for Keep Productive

Track you goals and get them scheduled on your Google Calendar

Made by Al

Summer Internship Survival Guide

The ultimate summer internships survival guide.

Made by Al

💪 Fear-Setting by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss' Fear-Setting exercise from his popular TED talk about conquering your fears. If you are making a big decision, this exercise will help you mitigate the downside and capture the upside.

Made by Al

⛵️ Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss' Dreamline Calculator from the 4-Hour Workweek. Do this popular dreamlining exercise by Tim Ferriss in this interactive tool.

Made by Al

📚 Book & Reading Tracker by Book Riot

This book and reading tracker helps you filter, sort, and track all the books you reading and listening to. The Read Harder and Reading Women challenges from Book Riot are incorporated into this tracker as well.

Made by Rachel