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Crunch numbers in Coda. Clear plastic visor not required.

💷 Intent HQ Sales Forecaster

Watch that line go up and to the right. From maker Jonathan Lakin.

Made by Jonathan

Corporate Event Sponsorship

Track sales for event sponsorship easily!

Made by Molly

Credit Card Churning Catalog (C4)

Track all your credit card accounts. The ideal doc for churners!

Made by Rodger

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

Track your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Made by Oleg

DIY Jewlery Budget

Budget your DIY hobby easily!

Made by YuBeen

Expense splitting

An easy way to calculate who owes what during a family trip

Made by Matt

Flight Shopper

Save time and money booking flights!

Made by Rodger

Nanny share timesheet

A simple way to keep track of the payroll, accrued vacation time, and accrued sick time for a nanny share.

Made by Matt

Pay Summary

Easy view of how many hours you have worked and money you have made by day, month, week and year. Use to create your summary view!

Made by Mallika

Shared Expense Tracker (for Housemates!)

Track and split expenses across a group of people

Made by Daniel

Simple financial statements

Don't let bloated financial software keep you down. Customize your books to exactly how you want to manage your project.

Made by Matt

Utility bill tracker

Track and analyze all your utility bills in one place.

Made by Nathan

VC Portfolio Tracker

Easily keep your team up to date of investments by fund, partner, and company.

Made by Matt

Strategic investor worksheet

One place to manage and keep track of angel or strategic investors for your new company

Made by Matt

🗂 Finance Starter Kit

A starter kit for finance and operations professionals to streamline your processes in Coda

Made by Maria

🏠 Real Estate Property Management

Real estate property management tool for property managers. Easily create income/expense statements for owners and landlords.

Made by Al

🗃 Analyst Starter Kit

Analyze and synthesize data with this Coda starter kit for analysts.

Made by Maria

🔥 Hudson Henry Granola's Inventory Doc

A secret recipe of Hudson Henry Granola, this Inventory doc pulls in and parses data from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to tell you which products are selling and which customers could be buying more.

Made by Hope and Michele