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The docs we either wish we had built, or actually built.

👋 Welcome to Coda!

If you're just getting started with Coda, this template will introduce you to the main features in Coda ⭐️

Made by Maria

2018 Elections: Candidate Details

Stay on top of 2018 elections by diving into all the data behind each race.

Made by Lane

Baby namer

Name that baby!

Made by Joe

Collaborative Movie / TV list

What are my friends watching?

Made by Jeremy

Grade calculator

See the grades you need to aim for on your next exam.

Made by Jeremy

✅ GTD To-do list

A to-do list for fans of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy.

Made by Joe

Kanban project

Like Trello, but better

Made by Jeremy

Meeting Timer

Keep your meetings running on time!

Made by Evan

OKR with Weekly Status Updates

An OKR tracker with a separate table for weekly status updates

Made by Joe

Shishir's To-do List

Our founder's personal model for handling to-do lists

Made by Shishir

Simple Status Updates

Get historical data on the progress of your work, and keep your team accountable!

Made by Evan

Team notes archive

Easily keep track of all your team notes in one doc and simplify sending email summaries by storing them in a table.

Made by Matt

Trip Planning for Groups

Planning trips with big groups just got a lot easier

Made by Monica

Vote on ideas!

Collaboratively add options and vote

Made by Jeremy

Wedding Planner

Everything you need to plan your perfect day

Made by Raechel

🚀 Product Launch Hub

A doc for tracking launches—whether you're launching a small feature update or a big, complex product.

Made by Evan

Lane's simple to do list

I've tried dozens of to-do list apps and approaches over the years, here's the mix of them that works for me.

Made by Lane

Interview Day

The collaborative interview made easy

Made by Jeremy

New Hire Bootcamp

New hires can manage their schedules, notes, and tasks all in one place!

Made by Molly

💪 Fear-Setting by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss' Fear-Setting exercise from his popular TED talk about conquering your fears. If you are making a big decision, this exercise will help you mitigate the downside and capture the upside.

Made by Al

⛵️ Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss' Dreamline Calculator from the 4-Hour Workweek. Do this popular dreamlining exercise by Tim Ferriss in this interactive tool.

Made by Al

Guide to dominating Product Hunt

Playbook and toolset for launching on Product Hunt

Made by Jeremy