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Pack-enabled docs

Bring in data from apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, GitHub, and more into your Coda docs with these super-powered templates!

πŸ’¬ Coda + Intercom: User Feedback Doc

Feedback is worth its weight in gold. This doc aggregates and organizes all your customer conversations, support tickets, and survey forms, into one powerful table. So nothing falls through the cracks.

Made by Evan

⚾️ Guess the MLB Player Nickname

A game to test your knowledge of MLB players' nicknames using the MLB and Wikipedia Packs!

Made by Kenny

πŸ€“ Smart-add event with Google Calendar

Smartly add events to your Google Calendar with phrases like "get coffee next Monday with Alice" β˜•οΈ

Made by Jaime

πŸ“† Craft Party with Pinterest and Eventbrite

Bring event ideas and planning into one place.

Made by Preeyanka

πŸŽ‡ Microsoft Excel Ignite Notes with Google Natural Language

Get a recap of the Excel-related sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2018 featuring note sentiment and keywords with the Google Natural Language Pack πŸ€“

Made by Al

🌀 Weather Dashboard

Pull in the current weather conditions and upcoming forecast for any city.

Made by Nathan

⏲Analyze your time with Google Calendar

Pull in your Google Calendar events to analyze how you spend your time ⏰

Made by Jaime

⏱ Clocking In a Timesheet + email with Gmail

Clock in/clock out your hours worked and email yourself a weekly timesheet with the Gmail Pack πŸ“©

Made by Ben

πŸŽ“ Learn something new with YouTube

Keep your subject matter videos, notes and questions in a single place with the YouTube Pack πŸ“Ή

Made by Preeyanka

🐈 Pet Travel with Walmart

Everything you need to plan a trip with your pet in one place.

Made by Erica

πŸ“¬ Personal CRM with Twilio Text Messages

Stay in touch with old friends and colleagues by texting them from this doc ☎️.

Made by Al

πŸ›‹ Plan a conference with Slack Pack

Plan your next conference with this template that can post notes and updates to your team's Slack channel πŸ—£!

Made by Al

βœ‰οΈ Email Newsletter Planning-Sending-Logging

Plan, send, and log custom HTML emails to a list of your newsletter subscribers.

Made by Ben

🎼 Playlist Generator with Spotify

Create a custom playlist in with the Spotify Pack and play/pause tracks from your doc 🎧!

Made by Jaime

πŸ“† Block Off Time with Google Calendar

Schedule events with the Google Calendar Pack

Made by Jaime

πŸ“… Schedule your ToDo's with Google Calendar

Add events to your Google Calendar with start times, end times, and descriptions

Made by Jaime

πŸ—“ Blog & Social Media Scheduler

Execute your content strategy with this blog and social media scheduler

Made by Glenn

πŸ’· Sales Forecaster with Hubspot

A way for the team to organize around key account plans, understand team responsibilities and account context

Made by Evan

βœ… GTD To-Do List with Gmail, GCal

Our favorite GTD To-Do template with Gmail and Google Calendar integrations!

Made by Al

πŸ“· Photography Schedule with Text Reminders

Plan photo shoots with weather information β˜€οΈ and text reminders to clients

Made by Nathan

πŸ”– Bookmark your Dropbox content

Keep track of your favorite Dropbox files, folders and shared links alongside your other important information in your Coda doc.

Made by Matthew

πŸ“• Wikipedia Packs Template

The Wikipedia Pack helps you study for a test, organize a trip itinerary, and gather research for your report.

Made by John

πŸ’­ Interview Day with Greenhouse, Slack

View a candidate's Greenhouse data and message your teammates on Slack about an interview!

Made by Al

πŸ”₯ Hudson Henry Granola's Inventory Doc

A secret recipe of Hudson Henry Granola, this Inventory doc pulls in and parses data from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to tell you which products are selling and which customers could be buying more.

Made by Hope and Michele

πŸ“„ Project Brief with Jira

The Project Brief is designed to include an entire Product Story in a single doc.

Made by Lane

🀝 Recruiting Pipeline with Greenhouse

This template helps recruiters and hiring managers stay on top of their current pipeline ☎️

Made by Kenny and John

πŸ’ Cherry Picking Commits with GitHub

View your cherry-picked commits and pull requests in one table before merging πŸš₯

Made by Al

πŸ€ Player Performance with NBA Stats

View NBA player stats, bios, and more with the NBA Pack!

Made by Al

πŸ’‘ Critique Log with Figma

Post ideas and designs from Figma you want your team to review

Made by Jeremy

πŸŽ… Organizing Secret Santa with Coda

Organize your company, friend group, or family Secret Santa with this doc!

Made by Albert