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Great docs for starting out

Great docs to deconstruct and learn from.

Project Brief

A project brief to keep every phase—from strategy to execution—in one doc

Made by Jeremy

Kanban project

Like Trello, but better

Made by Jeremy

Lane's simple to do list

I've tried dozens of to-do list apps and approaches over the years, here's the mix of them that works for me.

Made by Lane

Interview Day

The collaborative interview made easy

Made by Jeremy

💻 IT Architect Starter Kit

A starter kit for IT and System Architects to manage your projects.

Made by Maria

🕹 Product Starter Kit

A starter kit for product managers to build products, launch features, and more!

Made by Maria

🎨 Design Starter Kit

A starter kit for designers seeking a single source of truth for specs, user research, and inspiration.

Made by Maria

🖌 UI/UX Starter Kit

A starter kit for UI and UX professionals.

Made by Maria

🏭 Entrepreneur Starter Kit

A starter kit to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality!

Made by Maria

🎯 Marketer Starter Kit

A marketer starter kit to help you acquire users and build your brand.

Made by Maria

🗂 Finance Starter Kit

A starter kit for finance and operations professionals to streamline your processes in Coda

Made by Maria

🖥 Engineer Starter Kit

A starter kit for engineers, developers, and technical leads.

Made by Maria

🗃 Analyst Starter Kit

Analyze and synthesize data with this Coda starter kit for analysts.

Made by Maria

🖍 Editor Starter Kit

A starter kit for editing, copywriting, and content teams to produce content for a variety of mediums.

Made by Maria

🛠 Project Manager Starter Kit

A starter kit for project managers to track milestones, get stakeholders aligned, and drive retrospectives.

Made by Maria