Coda doc by Jenny Emick
Square's ECOM Design Career Development Hub
A doc to help employees navigate their career development.
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About this doc

Square is building products and services that help consumers and businesses participate and thrive in the economy. It’s important that the company cultivate an environment where employees can challenge themselves, achieve their goals for professional growth, and do their best work.

This template was created as a tool for design managers to help employees identify where they’re at in their career, where they want to grow, and map out how to achieve that growth—essentially serving as a personalized “career development hub”.

The doc is also a shared workspace to capture manager feedback, discussion, and meeting notes. What used to be spread across dozens of docs, spreadsheets, and slides is now combined into a single Coda doc.

What’s in the doc

  • The employee’s profile
  • Company’s operating principles
  • 1:1 meeting notes and action items
  • Career development plans and goals
  • Hype doc to keep track of achievements and praise
  • Learning resources
  • Performance reviews

Copy this template and use it as the starting point for your own team’s career development. Then, add or remove sections, drop in different building blocks, and tailor the doc to each teammate’s individual career goals.

Meet Jenny Emick

Design Lead at Square. Proud maker of design teams, Coda docs, and a beautiful human named Ro.

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Square's ECOM Design Career Development Hub
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