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πŸ“• Wikipedia Packs Template

The Wikipedia Pack helps you study for a test, organize a trip itinerary, and gather research for your report.

About this doc

Wikipedia is full of great information, but what if you could view all the articles in a Coda doc? Here are a few use cases for you to try out with this Pack:

  • Study for that upcoming art history test
  • Organize your group’s trip itinerary
  • Explore who to write about for your research report

Key features

About the Maker

John Scrugham

I love bringing new products & services to market. SaaS platforms are changing the way businesses serve their guests, clients, and patients, and I'm excited to help as a Product & Growth Strategist to build technology for - and to get the world out to - those with the biggest missions. ____

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πŸ“• Wikipedia Packs Template

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