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Victor's A-Player Hiring Process
A guide to solving your #1 problem: who to hire. Based on the popular books Who (Smart) & Work Rules! (Bock).
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About this doc

The purpose of this doc is to help you hire the right people. We hope to:

  1. Help you hire A Players using the ghSMART method
  2. Make clear what is needed in the job you want to fill
  3. Increase the flow of A-Player candidates
  4. Increase your confidence in hiring the right person
  5. Help you avoid losing the candidates you really want to join your team

Inspiration for this doc

We dissected the following two books and distilled the information in a simple, easy-to-navigate Coda doc:

Who we are

At Helados La Azteca, we see bringing the flavors of Mexico as a calling, one we must answer daily with more energy than the day before. We look for candidates who share our calling and don’t see working for us as merely a paycheck.

We try many things to improve, support one another when we fail, capitalize on our wins and then repeat the process.

Our story starts back in the 90s when my family immigrated to the U.S. from a small town in Mexico, Mexticacan, known for making paletas and ice cream. Something unanticipated when moving to the U.S. was the lack of these traditional Mexican treats in the flavors most familiar to us (e.g. Mamey, Cajeta, Gansito, Rompope). After searching to no avail, we decided to bring the flavors of our hometown to the U.S. ourselves. Hence the first Helados La Azteca location opened its doors in Waco, Texas circa 1998.

Growing up, I loved being an “Azteca” helping around the store and knew my family was on to something. I opened our second location in Haltom City, Texas in 2016. Since, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include other treats while keeping our goal in mind: to share a Mexico-inspired experience with the U.S. We are currently set to open our 3rd store in September of 2019!

Meet Victor Garcia

I love bringing ideas to life and get excited with new tools (Coda) that make the transformation easier. Enjoy spending time with my wife and baby. Soccer fanatic.

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Victor's A-Player Hiring Process
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